Italtile Introduces New XL Moda Vinile Wood Look Vinyl Tiles.

March 12, 2024


The vinyl floor made its debut in 1933 as an affordable, flame-resistant flooring option... but then WW2 got in the way. The world had to wait until around the 60s for the vinyl floor to reinstate itself ... and it quickly became popular, giving the mid-century wall-to-wall carpet trend a run for its money with wildly patterned “mosaic” options. Advances in 70s technology saw the birth of the first wood-look vinyl tiles, but it was only in the 21st century that truly authentic wood-look vinyl tiles emerged.

Italtile’s exclusive Moda Vinile matt wood-look vinyl tiles offer exceptional quality and advanced tech, creating an exquisitely realistic “wood-like” look which rivals the richly grainy beauty of the real thing, and offers many more benefits. Sustainability, appealing looks, easy installation, easy maintenance, durability, water-resistance, flame resistance, stain and chemical resistance, UV resistance and affordability make modern vinyl wood-look tiles one of the best options on the market for remastered wood looks.

Italtile’s exclusive range of Moda Vinile matt wood-look vinyl tiles offer all these benefits and has been extended to offer another set of plus points with the arrival of four exciting new XL Moda Vinile Wood-Look Vinyl Tiles. Substantially longer and larger than the existing Moda Vinile variants (1524 x 228mm x 5.5 vs 1240mm x 182 x 5), the XL ‘plank-style’ range offers many advantages over the shorter format.

Seamless appearance. 284mm longer and 46mm wider than smaller formats (with a slightly thicker 5.5mm to support extra length and girth) the four new XL Moda Vinile ‘plank-style’ variants create a more seamless appearance with fewer grout lines or seams. This results in a sleek, continuous flow for a cohesive look which can make a space appear bigger.

Speedier installation. A simple click lock/ floating installation. With fewer ‘planks’ needed thanks to the larger format, the installation process is speeded up, saving time and labour costs. (A considerable benefit if you’re looking at larger spaces.)

Easier maintenance. With fewer joints, the new XL Moda Vinile matt wood-look range will be less prone to any water infiltration or accumulation of dirt. This makes the XL range not only a more low-maintenance option, but also a more hygienic and durable choice. An occasional vacuum and damp mop is all that is needed to keep your floor looking stunning.

Enhanced visual appeal. Without a doubt, more is more in this case. With longer, larger ‘planks’, the super-natural beauty of the realistic wood look grain and texture creates an even more striking visual impact and a sense of ‘endless vista’.

An elevated aesthetic. Wood looks will never date and offer a timeless elegance. The luxurious new XL Moda Vinile range offers a modern interpretation of an ages-old aesthetic that is both beautiful to look at and extremely comfortable underfoot and will elevate any interior style, from classic to minimalist.

Modern materials. The XL range is made from SPC vinyl, manufactured from 100% virgin materials. PVC resin and natural limestone powder are the main elements, with no radioactive components, no formaldehyde, no plasticiser and no heavy metal. The tile structure is 100% waterproof (perfect for wet rooms, entrance halls, bathrooms and kitchens) and extremely tough: SPC vinyl being the most durable option available today. The XL Moda Vinile matt wood-look vinyl tile range also tolerates temperature extremes (from -10 degrees centigrade to over 40 degrees centigrade).

Whether you choose XL Bellezza (a deep, rich chocolate brown), XL Hesita (a pale, unstained oak tone), XL Lucente (classic honey tone) or XL Minerva (bleached white “beach house” tones), those lush, timelessly elegant looks will hold their value and offer years and years of unchanging, non-fading beauty, backed by a 25-year residential guarantee. Commercial installations are backed by a 7-year warranty.

The new XL Moda Vinile matt wood-look vinyl tile range is a sustainable, LiveGreen alternative to real hardwood, and is exclusive to Italtile.