Trends | Personalised Eclectism

April 5, 2024

As society continues to recover from the locked away years of COVID-19, there has been a rise in personal awakening, as the words of thought leaders like Maya Angelou, Eckhart Tolle and Bréné Brown redefine the language of human experience and invite us all to ‘be seen’, ‘showing up in the glory of our imperfections’. To be ‘met where we are’.

This remarkable growth in personal confidence and courageous self-expression is reflected in a fascinating explosion of an empowering interior design trend called Personalised Eclecticism. (Art reflects life, after all.)

Granted, eclecticism has been around for many years: an aesthetic that borrows, mixes and matches different periods, cultures and materials to create a unique and highly decorative look. But, the trend has gathered momentum, and 2024, according to Melanie Ewing, Chapters Interiors CEO and our Interior Design Trend Hunter Extraordinaire, will be the year we see décor that puts character and stories first.

“We’re going to see more highly personalised spaces and rich colour palettes. Spaces will be more eclectic as people find the courage to use what they have – like antiques and sentimental, nostalgic pieces passed down from generation to generation – alongside contemporary and modern items ranging from the bespoke to the everyday, all living in harmony and singing beautifully together. Interesting art and unusual ‘objets’ will join personal collections, gathered along the way, from weekend junkshop trawls and auction finds, to beach holiday pickings, exotic booty from overseas trips and handcrafted treasures from “Sho’tleft” adventures in other parts of South Africa.”

The ordinary and the extraordinary will rub shoulders, kitsch will live next to high design, old and new will marry, as they speak your language and tell your stories: unafraid, unapologetic, proud and priceless. This is an exciting time for interior style as it makes way for individual expression and personality.

We’ll be seeing highly creative tapestries of design story emerge, as individual tastes and preferences sidestep conventional rules and embrace the unique magnificence of “the only you that ever was or will be”.

Italtile’s signature eco-chic style offers a wide variety of deluxe ways to make your space even more beautifully you, each piece with stories of their own to add to yours.

 For example, if you’re an avid nature lover, forever finding new hiking trails, or investing hours in your garden, or even if you’ve got memories of a summer picnic in the countryside ... our exquisite Sunwood Jardin 08 Wallpaper Print Tiles will resonate deeply with you. Lush garlands of floral graphics in soft blues, greens and golds will create the perfect backdrop to a space filled with nostalgic treasures.

Have you ever fallen in love with the almost sacred simplicity of an American Shaker kitchen... or been seduced by the faded elegance of an English Country Home ... was it a holiday? ... a honeymoon? ... or a dream still to be realised? Bring those old-world vibes home into your pantry, wet room or kitchen with a deep bowl Shaws Shaker Sink from our exclusive, limited-edition collection, by Shaws of Darwen in Lancashire. Each sink is handcrafted, signed, numbered and dated by artisans whose skills have been handed down through the generations. Made for life, ready to hold your family’s memories forever.

Perhaps our Portofino Porcelain Tiles will evoke memories of a boat trip in the Med? Maybe our Vita Sole Mix Luc Gloss Glazed Porcelain Tiles will take you back to an unforgettable paella lunch in the shade of lemon trees in Spain? Or perhaps you’ll purchase our sleek Nobili Levante Chrome Sink Mixer as a nod to the Cordon Bleu cooking course you took? Your stories make you the magnificent human you are, and your home should provide a beautiful frame.

Visit a showroom near you, or browse our online aisles; find inspiration, cast aside the conventional rules of what you think you should choose, and embrace style that speaks your language. Then start the thoughtful curation of your storied interior by chatting to our design-certified showroom sales assistants, who’re trained to select eco-chic tiles, taps, sanware and bathroom furniture to match your personality and unique taste.

We can’t wait to help you release your sovereign self in your home spaces and live a beautifully authentic life.