Behind the Design | Sant’Agostino Milan Showroom

May 15, 2024




With all great works of art, whether music, dance, drama... there’s something thrilling about being invited backstage; to immerse oneself in the backstories and touch the threads that weave the magic. We’d like to take you #BehindTheDesign with a series of backstage moments, where we celebrate the creativity, craftsmanship and thoughtfulness that distinguishes great design and track the DNA of our exclusive products. It’s our hope that next time you visit an Italtile Showroom, you’ll see beyond the surface beauty, with an understanding of the journey undertaken by each product: inspiration, conception, collaboration, craftsmanship.

We’ll begin by lifting the veil on a showroom like no other.


Across the 50+ years of partnership with Ceramica Sant’Agostino, we’ve become accustomed to being thrilled on a regular basis by the wizardry of these porcelain tile alchemists. Everything they touch turns to solid gold, as successive new collections break the boundaries of possibility. “If you can dream it, you can do it” fuels their fearlessly imaginative exploration of living materials. Tradition is tempered with innovation as the worlds of stone and wood are reimagined and captured in breathtaking sustainable porcelain tile ranges. These are surfaces like no other. They are alive.

Our friendship with Sant’Agostino has enabled us to offer our Italstylistas an exclusive selection of these Living Surfaces, expressions of the mysterious personalities stone and wood, many of which now have pride of place in Milano Living Surfaces. Ceramica Sant’Agostino’s brand new, first ever showroom, in Milan.

More sculpture gallery than showroom, this evocative, light-filled space showcases both iconic collections and more recent innovations in a series of inspirational 3D mood boards that tell the story of each range, from conception to gleaming finish. Sant’Agostino envisioned a “culturally vibrant meeting point”. An exhibition space with the power to draw lovers of sustainably created porcelain surfaces – from architects, to designers, to the simply curious – enabling them to search for the best solutions for their projects, attend creative events, and become inspired.

Now, while it’s not exactly Living Surfaces Milano, your nearest Italtile Showroom showcases a special collection of some of Ceramica Sant’Agostino’s most exquisite expressions of stone, wood and the botanical world... imbued with reality and fantasy. Eco-chic through and through, each one carrying Italtile’s LiveGreen label.

Think of us as a portal. When you gaze longingly at the storied, second-life nature of ColorArt, or Barkwood with its raw, unstained, handworked timber feels, or the marbled, crystalline landscapes of Mystic, or the botanical wallpaper print fantasia of Sable Jardin 01... know that some of the world’s most highly qualified design eyes are looking at the exact same Ceramica Sant’Agostino Living Surface. 12 000 km or so away. On the other side of the globe. In Milan. How beautiful is that? Magnificent design connects us all.

Live Beautifully.