Trends | The Smart Home

May 21, 2024

When “Smart House” launched on the Disney Channel in 1999, it was a ridiculous stretch of the imagination. Today, as Forbes Magazine quips, “while smart technology has thankfully not tried to take over as anyone’s mother, it has come a long way.” New devices are being introduced into every space in the house and they’re talking to each other 24/7, thanks to your Wi-Fi connection and smart phone.

The future is not some Weirdville sci-fi destination which we’ll encounter at some point. It’s right here. Right now. With intelligent interior design. Buckle up, Italstylistas, as we whip you around one of 2024’s most exciting design trends: The Smart Home.

Touchless, tech-integrated experiences are streamlining our lives. While a Smart Home is not a new phenomenon, it certainly continues to evolve, and will, no doubt, become almost ubiquitous, woven into the fabric of everyday living.

Melanie Ewing, our favourite interior design maven and CEO of Chapters Design, is a passionate advocate for Smart Design and the ingenious ways in which 2024’s Smart Home trend is bringing the future to our fingertips. Invite these next-gen innovations into your home, she encourages, not with trepidation but with enthusiasm: “...from voice-activated lighting, intelligent energy management systems and energy-efficient smart glass, to AI-driven home management, these innovations make your life easier, more efficient and undeniably cooler”.

How to bring The Smart Home home with Italtile.

Fear not, you won’t need to completely overhaul your house to bring The Smart Home home. Start by incorporating the devices that resonate with your own personal style and tech savviness. You’ll notice the cost savings almost immediately.

Start small. One device at a time. Little by little, you’ll feel more comfortable about adding more, and enjoying the luxury of convenient connectivity and a noticeable improvement in your family’s quality of life. You won’t think twice about installing a LAUFEN Cleanet Navia, or, for that matter, our Affirmations Sound and Vision Rectangular Bluetooth Mirror.

LAUFEN Cleanet Navia. Smart Swiss perfection. Harness the dynamic power of

4IR and the IoT and all the futuristic buzzwords that bring you closer to app-based convenience in the privacy of your bathroom sanctuary. Arguably the coolest way to spend a penny. The LAUFEN Cleanet Navia is an industry-leading Italtile exclusive designed to take convenience and privacy to the next level. Ultra-hygienic, super eco-friendly (with reduced flushing volume of 4.5 – 3 litres) and intuitively operated via an app or a rotary button.

Affirmations Sound and Vision Rectangular Bluetooth Mirror. Beauty that’s more than skin deep. You’ve heard of ‘wearables’ (OK, there’s one on your wrist right now). Now, meet ‘lookables’. Designed to help you see far more than just your reflection. With a super-clear reflective mirror surface that features dimmable LEDs, Bluetooth phone connectivity, high-quality sound, temperature display, time display, touch function, soundtrack skipping and volume control. Oh, and an energy-efficient demister pad with a 30-minute auto-off function. Another eco-chic Italtile exclusive.

Smart homes are very attractive to modern home buyers right now. Smart tech will undoubtedly boost your property’s value. Richard Gray, the CEO of Harcourts, says “... the 2024 property market is set to see a significant shift towards smart homes”. In fact, the era is fast approaching when properties without smart features may end up attracting lower offers.

Face the future fearlessly. Before long, our Smart Home ... after a few years of learning about your activities and schedules, will eventually learn more about your family and be able to anticipate your needs. Who knows? One day you may even have a couple of robot companions. After all, Alexa and Siri are already close at hand.

Keep watching this space for smart new ideas. For example, we’re hearing good things about sensory tiles that are being developed to respond ‘intuitively’ to touch and temperature. Our feelers are out for the next best thing. We’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, you can rest assured that Italtile’s current selection of Smart Home products has been curated to offer you the very best all-round value – each piece a sensible, thoughtful investment opportunity designed to elevate your quality of life and your ROI.

Live Beautifully.