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The art of innovating the charm of Venetian Terrazzo in Porcelain

Inspired by an art practiced since ancient times and widespread from the 16th century to the early 20th century, New deco is a tribute to the timeless beauty of venetian floors.

Reference is made to the typically Italian floor technique of Venetian terrazzo with which master craftsmen can give new life to marble and stone granulates, mixing them with lime or cement mixed with sand and opus signinum.

Porcelain NEWDECO replicates with extreme realism, the effect of fine-grained terrazzo floors, with homogeneous distribution of the various fragments on a colored cement base. The result is an evenly laid carpet.

Perfect flatness and precise grinding of tiles, especially in the large 1200 x 1200mm format, tend to make the joints disappear and create continuous laying. The opaque surface on the floor and the palette of assorted shades that can be chromatically combined with each other or with the decorations, even on the wall and in the polished version, allow you to safely design bathroom environments with an original design but always elegant and sophisticated.

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