Oxidart Tile Collection
Oxidart Tile Collection

Oxidart Tile Collection

Discover Oxidart by Ceramica Sant’Agostino, a Bold Take on the Beauty of Aged Metal.

The contemporary Metallic Tile Trend has unveiled captivating surface effects in recent months, but none are as authentic and impactful as Ceramica Sant’Agostino’s Oxidart Porcelain Tile Range, exclusively introduced by Italtile into our Metallic Tile Collection.

Years of experimentation involving sheet metal, transformative chemicals, and exposure to the elements have led to the creation of Oxidart. This range showcases the art and science of "softening" the iron core of metal, revealing the passage of time in an effect that is both genuine and sophisticated, perfect for enhancing contemporary urban or minimalist spaces. Oxidart appears to bear the marks of an enduring battle with the harshest elements—splendidly mottled, dripped, streaked, and etched—a distinctive corroded appearance that extends to the tile's edges.

Despite its highly realistic portrayal of wear and oxidization, this porcelain tile is ironically extremely resistant to the elements and everyday wear and tear. This durability is achieved through the use of specialist enamels developed in the Sant’Agostino laboratories and the application of cutting-edge technologies.

Oxidart, a high-quality porcelain tile, is available in a large format of 600 x 1200mm. Being a rectified tile, its edges are precisely uniform and square, courtesy of precision machine cutting. This uniformity allows for tight grout joints , creating a modern and seamless look that effortlessly opens up any space, whether applied to floors or walls.

The Oxidart range features the dramatic Oxidart Black and the lighter Oxidart Iron, both adorned with rich, rust-toned mottling. Each colour in the range offers an impressive 40 faces, signifying a myriad of different patterns printed on the tiles. With 40 unique graphic interpretations, you're guaranteed a genuinely random, varied, and hyper-realistic appearance, minimizing repetition.

Like all of Italtile’s exclusive Sant’Agostino tile ranges, Oxidart is a beacon of sustainability, carrying Sant’Agostino’s EcoQuality certification. Consequently, Oxidart proudly displays Italtile’s LiveGreen label, emphasizing its commitment to eco-friendly practices.

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