MasterCraft by Laufen
MasterCraft by Laufen

MasterCraft by Laufen

Explore Italtile's Laufen MasterCraft Collection, a tribute to Laufen's unparalleled expertise in the art of sanitary ware design.

At Italtile, our commitment to the LiveGreen ethos shapes our every decision, ensuring we provide the finest eco-chic value to our cherished shoppers. Our quest for what we call the "Beautiful Living trifecta" drives us, incorporating:

- Innovative, Inspirational Design

- Impeccable Craftsmanship

- Sustainability

As a tribute to Laufen's mastery of sanitaryware craftsmanship, we've established the MasterCraft Collection in our showrooms. This exclusive space features a thoughtfully curated selection of premium Laufen products. The MasterCraft Collection highlights Laufen's best-of-the-best products—collectors' pieces—elevating these inspirational luxury items to a class of their own.

Objects of extraordinary beauty and functionality always begin with purity and simplicity. In this case, it starts with a unique blend of earth, fire, and water, transformed by the skilled artisans at Laufen. These are the same elements used in porcelain-making since ancient times, but at Laufen, it's a precise alchemy.

True high art requires fine artistry. With Laufen, this means collaborating with award-winning designers and architects to create functional works of art. After their sculptural magic is applied, Laufen manufactures their designs, which are then curated by Italtile, especially for the Southern African market. We select pieces that offer global design with local appeal.

Laufen has an impressive stable of design collaborators. Alessi, The Italian design house that is now the benchmark brand for global design excellence (Who developed the Alessi One for Laufen). Ludovica and Roberto Palomba, the award-winning design and architecture duo, daringly adventurous innovators (the genius behind the Laufen Palomba range). Kartell, is the endlessly awarded design company renowned for understanding elegance (who we can thank for the Laufen Kartell range). French designer Toan Nguyen created Laufen’s INO Range. And Munich-based Konstantin Grcic, who conceptualized the architectural lines of the VAL Range.

The Italtile Laufen MasterCraft Collection currently features rare pieces from Laufen Palomba, Laufen Alessi One, Laufen Kartell, Laufen Ino, and Laufen Val, available while stocks last. We'll refresh the collection whenever we gain exclusive access to a signature Laufen range. It will stand alongside our other exclusive, limited edition Laufen 'gallery pieces,' and as a MasterCraft Collector, you'll be the first to know.

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