2cm Tile Paver Collection
2cm Tile Paver Collection

2cm Tile Paver Collection

The 2CM Paver was one of the top ten trending tile looks at the 39th Cersaie surfaces event in September 2022, with deluxe iterations from every manufacturer on show. Long respected for carefully curated tile collections that best express the world’s leading trends and looks, Italtile is proud to add a new 600X900 porcelain 2CM range to its impressive outdoor tile collection.

The true beauty of the innovative new 2CM Pavers – apart from an appealing selection of colourways and smooth finish – is in their high slip resistance, high breaking load, durability and versatility. While the pavers can be laid inside or on patios, with a traditional adhesive installation, they are tough enough to handle uneven outdoor surfaces with what’s termed dry fixing – easily laid over grass, gravel and sand without adhesive. With dry fixing, 2CM Pavers can be lifted and re-laid whenever the property owner needs to re-imagine the outdoor area or relocate to a new space. 2CM is also the perfect solution for unfixed pedestal installation, where a raised or floating floor is required.

The 2CM colourways have been developed to reinterpret both natural stone and cement screed aesthetics and will complement a variety of home styles, from Contemporary Classic to Urban and Modern: Brazilian Black, Cementino Grey, Cotto Ash and Quartzite Natural.

A long list of features and benefits:

  • Slip resistance that is enhanced when wet

  • High resistance to breaking load

  • Anti-freeze and fireproof

  • Easy cleaning and maintenance

  • Chemical and atmospheric resistant

  • Can be moved and reused if unfixed

  • Maintains characteristics and tile integrity over time

  • Superior aesthetics

  • Perfectly calibrated and maintains thickness

  • A look that allows continuity of the same floor from the outside to the inside

The new 2CM range will be the ideal pavers to express The Tapestry Lawn Trend – 2023’s big gardening news. The Tapestry Lawn is an eco-chic rewilding of the traditional back garden; replacing a non-waterwise lawn with a checkerboard layout of pavers planted with waterwise herbs, vegetables, wildflowers and small indigenous shrubs.

While ideal for residential use, Italtile’s new 2CM ranges are also recommended for other relatively low-traffic areas, e.g. garage access, industrial premises and commercial buildings.


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