Almar Chrome Square Multi Function Spin Stainless Steel Shower Head 587 x 270 x 20mm

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  • Eco Friendly
    Eco Friendly
  • Made In Italy
    Made In Italy
  • Installation Available
    Installation Available
Never has there been a better means of introducing technology into the bathroom environment than with this super sleek shower head - Almar Square Multi Function Spin shower head. The shower is fixed to the wall and measures 587 x 270 x 20 mm. The overhead shower is made from durable stainless steel and has three spray functions: a Fall function, a regular Rain function and a Spin. The Italian quality, design aspects and craftsmanship of this shower range are outstanding and is therefore supported by a 10 year guarantee. This promise is backed up a national service team based throughout South Africa. Italtile takes the subject of water saving very seriously and has taken action to include a flow control device in each shower package that when used achieves the minimum possible flow rate of water while still ensuring shower comfort. When using the device, the flow rates achieved are tested at 0.3 MPa as follows: - Rain function is 9 litres per minute - Spin function is 10 litres per minute - Fall function is 12 litres per minute All three functions can be used seperately or all at once. It is recommended to use a shower waste channel that can drain 30 - 50 litres per minute for this particular shower head. This rectangular overhead shower must be paired with special shower mixer technology in order to function at peak performance. It is recommended to combine this overhead shower with a high-flow, multi-function shower mixer and thermostatic mixer each with the concealed part/ iBox. Please see our recommended items once placing this item into your basket.