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Introducing Promax Tile Leveling Spacer 1.5mm 20's, the perfect solution for achieving precise and accurate installations of large format tiles, marble, and granite. These innovative spacers are designed to work seamlessly with the Promax Tile Leveling System, providing a hassle-free and efficient tiling experience.

One of the standout features of the Promax Tile Leveling spacer is its spin feature. With a free-spin design, the spacer allows the cap to effortlessly spin down the spacer screw, requiring minimal effort from the installer. This feature significantly enhances the ease of installation, saving you time and energy while ensuring consistent and reliable levelling results.

The primary purpose of the Promax Tile Leveling System is to enable the installation of large format tiles with utmost accuracy. These spacers are specifically engineered to hold the tiles in place, preventing any unevenness or lippage. Say goodbye to frustrating tile alignment issues and hello to flawlessly level surfaces that exude professionalism.

Using the Promax Tile Leveling Spacer is a breeze, as no additional installation tools are required. Simply combine it with the Promax Tile Leveling Cap and anti-motion ring (sold separately), and you're all set. This user-friendly design streamlines the tiling process, making it accessible to both professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

Crafted from high-quality PP (polypropylene), the Promax Tile Leveling Spacer offers exceptional durability and reliability. The material is carefully chosen for its strength and resilience, ensuring that the clips can withstand the rigours of tiling projects. 

The Promax Tile Leveling Spacer with a 1.5mm spacing is specifically designed for achieving precise tile alignment. This spacer size is suitable for various tile thicknesses, ensuring versatility in your projects. With each spacer doing its job to perfection, you can trust that your tiles will be flawlessly aligned, resulting in a visually stunning and professional finish.

Upgrade your tiling experience with Promax Tile Leveling Spacer 1.5mm 20's and enjoy the benefits of an accurate and efficient installation process. Create perfectly levelled surfaces with ease, knowing that you have a reliable and innovative solution at your disposal. Trust Promax for superior tile levelling solutions that deliver exceptional results every time.

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What's in the Box?

Twenty 1.5mm tile levelling spacers