Pro Grip Cladding Adhesive 20kg

For Large Format Tiles And Natural Stone Cladding
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The Pro Grip Cladding adhesive is a specially formulated, high strength, cement-based tile adhesive designed for installing all natural stone products, quarry tiles, cement tiles, slate and granite to all cement-based surfaces as well as other pre-primed surfaces. It's designed for installing extra-large format (>600 mm x 600 mm), heavy natural stone, porcelain and cement based tiles, to all pre-primed surfaces.

  • Increased coverage
  • Excellent strength
  • Suitable for application of tiles in permanently wet areas as well as in underwater conditions, i.e. swimming pools and showers

(These recommendations are in accordance with the SABS standard SANS 10107:2011 - The design and installation of ceramic tiles.)

1. Ensure that surfaces to be tiled are sound (no cracks or crumbling), clean, free of dust, release agent, fungi, or any surface dampness. Fungi must be removed and the spores killed with the use of an effective fungicide. (A dilution of household bleach is sufficient)

2. New walls and floors must be allowed to cure for minimum periods as listed below to ensure that movement due to shrinkage does not affect the installation.

3. Very smooth surfaces such as steel trowelled and off-shutter concrete must be acid washed to remove laitance and then rinsed thoroughly with cold water.

4. Painted surfaces, gypsum plasters and surfaces that have old bitumen adhesive on them must be chipped in order to expose at least 80% of the substrate.

5. Highly porous substrates can negatively affect the bond strength of the tile adhesive. Check the porosity of the substrate by applying a small quantity of water. If the moisture is completely absorbed within one minute, then the surface is too porous and will need to be sealed with a mixture of two parts EZEE TILE BASECOAT ® mixed with one part EZEE TILE KEYCOAT ® and allowed to dry prior to tiling.


Only apply sufficient adhesive to an area as can be tiled within 10 minutes. Use a suitable notched trowel to maintain a minimum bed height of 6-7 mm for floor tiling and 3-4 mm for wall tiling.

  • Made In South Africa
    Made In South Africa
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