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Nobili Dress Chrome & White Bidet Mixer Including Pop Up

R6 999
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  • Eco Friendly
    Eco Friendly
  • Made In Italy
    Made In Italy
  • Installation Available
    Installation Available
In domestic settings architecture and design express their identities in constant harmony. The idea behind Dress is not merely to complement the furnishings – it evolves into a broader project aimed at coordinating ambiances and materials. Refined and versatile shades are valorized by the contrast of the chromed lights. Essential, sharp or delicate, the hues of the Colour laminates allow to create a space that is coherent yet at the same time sophisticated, in which tones harmoniously fit into a pondered series of hinted connections to the various furniture elements. Finish:CHROME AND COLOUR / WOOD / MATTER / GUILLOCH Features: • Dynamic flow limiter• Anti limescale aerator M 16,5 x 1• Swivel jet• 1 1/4” waste• ø 3/8” stainless steel flexible pipe White and Chromeare standard in stock items. All otherColoursare available on special order: Gotham Black,Volcanic Grey,Sahara Brown,Shabby Wood,Heritage Wood,Vanilla Wood,Tabacco Wood,Natural Stone,Midnight Stone,Manhattan Stone,Corten,Chevron Guilloche Chrome,Chevron Guilloche Royal Gold,Scottish Guilloche Chrome,Scottish GuillocheRoyal Gold Thanks to its innovative design philosophy, the Nobili Widd® 28 full immersion cartridge allows reliability levels to be reached that were unimaginable up until now (torsional strength 18 Nxm, high pressure resistance to over 70 Bar). The water reaches the top of the mixer body flowing around the profile of the cartridge, thus drastically reducing mechanical wear: there are no internal limescale deposits and no grease is washed away. The lubrication of the plates, therefore, remains constant and has a positive effect on the fluidity and ease of movement of the lever throughout the entire life of the mixer.
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