Basal by Laufen
Basal by Laufen

Basal by Laufen

Laufen introduces Basal.

Italtile's exclusive new Laufen Basal Range, a collection that encapsulates luxury, innovation, craftsmanship, sustainability, and exceptional value for money.

Much like Cartier's iconic Les Must de Cartier in 1976, which brought luxury within reach of a wider audience while maintaining Cartier's impeccable standards. This new range of exquisitely designed sanware offers a mid-range price point with the potential to become contemporary classics. Italtile proudly stands as the exclusive stockist of this innovative collection.

The Laufen Basal range extends an irresistible invitation to the style-conscious , delivering undeniable luxury, cutting-edge innovation, top-tier design, impeccable craftsmanship, and noteworthy sustainability, all bundled into an offering of exceptional affordability. The range embodies Laufen's "Swissness," rooted in over 120 years of experience, which combines precision, quality, and extreme durability, ultimately defining the pinnacle of accessible luxury.

Every item in the range undergoes firing at 1250 degrees Celsius in the kiln, followed by meticulous hand-finishing, adhering to Laufen's commitment to flawless perfection.

The ceramic material utilized in Laufen's workshops is 100% recyclable, allowing items with defects or at the end of their lifecycle to re-enter the manufacturing process, either at Laufen or in other industries, after being crushed into fine granules. This practice aligns with Laufen's sustainability roadmap, a dedicated effort to serious decarbonization with the aim of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.

The Laufen Basal range proudly bears Italtile's LiveGreen logo, signifying not only an outstanding value-for-money investment but also a conscientious green choice. Choosing a piece from the eco-chic Laufen Basal sanware range aligns with sustainability goals while adorning your space with exquisite design and functionality.

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