Tivoli Cavallino Bathroom Tap Collection
Tivoli Cavallino Bathroom Tap Collection

Tivoli Cavallino Bathroom Tap Collection

Introducing the exceptional Cavallino Tap Range, an addition to Italtile's exclusive Tivoli Tap Collection. While all tap ranges within the Tivoli Collection offer beautiful design, water-saving features, and durability, the Cavallino Range stands out as a masterpiece of eco-chic style.

These ultra-slim taps boast unmistakable Italian design DNA, combining feminine curves with masculine edges to elevate any contemporary urban aesthetic. The range is available in the trendy Matt Gold, perfect for the fashion-conscious, and the sleek, jet-black Dark Mirror, a timeless highlight for edgy spaces that exudes boldness and sophistication.

From a sustainability perspective, the Cavallino Tap Range holds impressive green credentials. Italtile's Tivoli plating plant adheres to a zero-discharge policy and recycles all water used during manufacturing. The taps feature a controlled, reduced flow rate of 6 liters per minute, along with an anti-limescale aerator for easier cleaning. The double nickel and chromium plating with galvanic treatment ensures long-lasting design integrity, and the taps come equipped with a 70,000-cycle eco-produced cartridge backed by a 5-year guarantee.

With its combination of high design, top-quality materials, impeccable engineering, water-wise features, low maintenance, and the trusted Tivoli 15-year guarantee, the Cavallino Tap Range sets a new standard for quality, durability, and beauty. It rightfully claims the top spot in Italtile's exclusive and water-conscious Tivoli Tap Collection under the Italtile LiveGreen label.

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