Zambezi Brushed Bronze Square Shower Head 200x200mm


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This modern looking, square shower head has a slim profile, but is made from weighty brass.

The size of 200 x 200 mm is no coincidence as the size adequately covers the size of average person's head.

The Zambezi shower head has a pivot ball joint, which means that the spray can be maneuvered and directed as required.

The flow rate of the shower rose is approximately 10 litres per minute at a pressure of 3 bar. 

This product carries a 3 year warranty against manufacture defects and is supported by a service team throughout South Africa.


Brushed Bronze consists of mostly Copper and Zinc elements.
The Antique Brushed Bronze finish is used for decorative purposes.
Brushed Bronze plating, usually has a reddish to golden brown colour.

Tivoli Brushed Bronze Taps, shower heads and accessories are lacquered/wax coated.
Over time with the brushed bronze finish being exposed to the elements, the copper particles may start to change colour to a greenish, black, white and turquoise hue due to the oxidation process, giving the product more of an antique and classic design.
This is not a defect but a feature of the plating.

Brushed Bronze Tivoli Taps, Shower heads and Accessories are for the antique and/ or rustic enthusiast looking for an aged and classical timeless look in the home.

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