The ages-old art of colourfication, remastered. 

In the elegant, elite circles of 19th century Europe, it was known as “Cementine”. Portuguese and Spanish artisans called it “Azulejos”. In Morocco and the Middle East, they say “Zellige”. And here at Italtile, we all say: “OMGee, how pretty!”

Patchwork tiles have never lost their popularity as the ageless and timeless ‘IT Girls’ of the décor world. It’s not difficult to see why. Patchwork sings and dances with a bright personality, and creates a colour fiesta across floors and walls, or draws the eye to a smaller focus area, indoors or outside.

At Italtile, we are the curators of an exclusive and ever-growing collection of high end Patchwork tiles from the tile masters of Europe. Each range is an incredibly authentic remastering of the ancient art: including bold black and white, tribal symbols in clay tones, bright, splashy Mediterranean patterns and fantasy florals, elegant Art Nouveau and Art Deco designs and bold graphics.

For the love of all that’s colourful, step away from safe. Our drop-dead-gorgeous kaleidoscope of Patchworks awaits, so come and play.

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