Tivoli Water Purifier Kit Silver


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Invest in your health with the Tivoli Silver Water Purifier that provides you a fresh, odourless drinking experience reduced in the very agents that cause cancer - chlorine.  

This water purifier kit uses a carbon block filtration technology in the filter cartridge that is combined with silver for water that is reduced in hardness, pollutants and metal trace elements, including chlorine, aluminum, iron and sulphates in a three stage filtration process.

The active carbon block technology has a large surface area that is exposed to incoming water and works through an absorption process whereby the pollutant molecules are trapped within the carbon structure. The added silver works to act against bacteria in the water. 

This filtration tap is easily installed in conjunction with existing systems with its own shut-off valve included for ease of isolation from the kitchen mixer. The unit makes use of the cold water outlet only and does not require electricity.

The elegantly shaped spout appears seamlessly above the counter while the filtration cartridge is concealed underneath the counter. The glossy chrome exterior of the unit is of the same standard of quality that you can expect from  Tivoli and there offers a ten year guarantee. 

Please note that this water filter is recommended for use in residential application in the filtration of tap water and is not intended for filtration of non-drinking or grey water. It is recommended that the cartridge be replaced every 12 months or when indicated by the signal light that is prompted by filtration of 10 000 litres of water.

The flow rate of this filter tap is 3 litres per minute under a standard pressure of 2 bar, and in fact the slower the water passes through the cartridge, the cleaner it becomes. 

The Silver Water Purifier Kit comes complete with tap, cartridge, water tap valve and fixations. 

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