Pro-Spin Self Leveling System Anti-Friction Plate 100/Pack


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The Pro-Spin Self Leveling System ensures the equal height of tiles when being installed.

This Pro-Spin Anti-Friction Plate is one of a three-part tiling system. 

1. The Flat

2. The Anti-friction

2. The Spinning Cap

The pack contains 100 Plates.

This Anti-friction plastic plate is not compulsory in the installation process but does help in preventing the spinning cap from scratching the tiles as the cap is tightened. 

This is part of an easy to do tiling system that allows the installer to cut down his installation time by 50% and achieve accurate results. 

The amount of suggested Pro-Spin systems required for installation per m2 is directly related to the size of your tile. Smaller tiles require a larger ratio of systems and larger tiles require less.