Raising a glass to green.

We celebrate the greatest Mother of all. Like all moms, she has always been taken for granted. But thanks to a bunch of tireless warriors around the globe, the nations of the world are waking up to the importance of treating the earth with respect.

Today we recognise our collective responsibility to promote and sustain harmony with nature and the earth to achieve the balance that will keep the earth living and breathing for our children and our children’s children and… you know the drill. Basic housekeeping rules apply. Tidy up after yourself. Don’t leave a mess for someone else to deal with. (Moms of the world understand this, for sure!)

Go green and mean it.

Of course, it would be ludicrous to be mindful for one day only and then spend the rest of the year being careless. We see today as the day we recharge our green batteries and test our environmental checks and balances. Are we just green on the outside? Or are we green to the bone?

Our #livegreen logo.

Italtile strives to be green at heart and to that end, we hold ourselves and our suppliers accountable to an eco-standard we call LiveGreen. Green enough isn’t green enough. We believe that to ‘live beautifully’ doesn’t just mean to surround oneself with gorgeous things. It means treading carefully, making responsible choices, even looking for second life and upcycling options. Italtile beauty is more than just skin deep.

Our LiveGreen logo is our seal of approval for beautiful design that’s eco-friendly and sustainable. We set ourselves high standards of living beautifully and have selected a range of world-leading products that all pass Italtile’s green test with flying colours. LiveGreen designs minimise the impact on the environment, during both manufacturing and use. They incorporate space-age, eco-friendly technology… and make responsible design decisions so that you can, too.

Green showroom blueprints

We naturally progressed into designing green showrooms and operating procedures: Italtile Boksburg was our first eco-friendly showroom. The greening process has been ongoing: The Glen was built using the same green blueprint, our newest showroom in Clearwater functions completely off the grid, running off solar power and borehole water and all future Italtile showrooms will proudly showcase the LiveGreen ethos.

Our green partnerships

At Italtile we’ve also partnered with leading suppliers, designers, architects and project professionals to bring LiveGreen to life on a larger scale, with major commercial and residential developments that have under-the-skin green credentials.

Italtile and The Ceramic Industries Group. A most sustainable partnership.
There’s so much to share here about sustainability - from both a people and planet perspective. Ceramic Industries has been around since 1976, and some ago a partnership was formed. We are proud of the group’s conscious quality. These guys walk the talk, constantly investigating ways to be innovative while reducing the footprint of their factories.

The group strives to minimise consumption of the two key resources used in the production process: energy and water. Their factories operate state-of-the-art Italian EKO kilns which recover and utilise waste energy to minimise gas consumption and emissions in the firing and drying processes. Natural lighting, low wattage and motion sensor lights are also a key feature of the factory. All process water used in the plant is recovered and re-used in the clay manufacturing processes.

Of course, because their magnificent products are made right here, the carbon footprint is radically reduced.

Green goes with everything.

A browse through our beautiful merchandise will reveal the abundance of green showpieces online and in-store: our design-certified sales advisers will prove to you that you can go green from floor to ceiling with Italtile.

Live green with Laufen. The name is synonymous with award-winning perfection, and the design and manufacture of beautifully green products. From sleek, minimalist towel rails to extraordinary basins, when you choose a Laufen piece, you are making a super-sustainable choice. All Laufen products are made in line with Italtile's LiveGreen ethos: their manufacture processes focus on sustainable methods of production that include the carefully monitored use of resources during production, a recycling programme and then, ultimately, the manufacture of products that function to use a minimal amount of water during use. 

Live green with Cotto. Highly desirable Thai eco-style, as gorgeously green as the country of origin. The Cotto brand was the first bathroomware manufacturer to receive the Carbon Reduction Label for all its products: this accolade is awarded when there is a significantly reduced amount of carbon emissions during the manufacturing process.

Tivoli green. A brand that designs and manufactures taps, cisterns, toilets and flush plates. Our Tivoli pieces are all top sellers and for good reason. We select them for their green credential as an incredibly water-wise, energy-efficient choice. The Torino 74, for example, will save you up to 2920 litres of water every year. That’s because of its delayed filling mechanism which saves 500ml after each flush.

Bravo, Jeeves. South Africa’s very own heated towel rails are beloved around the world. Green to the bone with true energy-efficient cred. Take the Awesome Alto range - now made exclusively for Italtile – designed to consume the equivalent of one light bulb. Hot.. or what?

Franke. Deeply green. Sustainable Swiss sink ware. Franke’s green credentials are ingrained into their daily culture, at every step of production: from the sourcing of materials to manufacturing processes and distribution. Our Franke showpieces – like the Franke Onyx Double Black Sink – are deeply beautiful pieces that are deep green.

Enviro-glass mosaics. Our Moroccan Hexagonal mosaic sheets use pre-loved, high-quality glass sources to produce an eco-friendly mosaic.

Fashions come and go, but sustainability will always be trending at Italtile. There’s honestly not enough space here to wax lyrical about the lists and lists of eco-chic available in-store and online. And they’re here to stay. Today, tomorrow, till forever.

Even if we all do just one thing to up our environmental awareness, it’s one more step taken to respect and love this planet that has put up with us since we stood on our hind legs and walked. There’s no Planet B, folks, so let’s keep this one A-OK. Starting today.