Jeeves Classic C Polished Stainless Steel Heated Rail 915x520mm


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Jeeves heated towel rails are made in South Africa for the global market. This top quality brand is willing to put a 25 year warranty on their heated towel rails, because they have confidence in what has become known as a top-notch brand.

Each rail has slightly different bar spacing and accommodates varying numbers of towels. This Classic C heated towel rail is large and rectangular and has straight bars that can handle up to 6 towels.

Jeeves offers national, hands-on assistance throughout South Africa. Recommended for commercial properties, such as hotels, lodges and other accommodation.

The Features and Benefits of this product are as follows:

• 304 Grade polished stainless steel
• Easy to install
• Safe use in all zones of the bathroom
• Fluid filled, which means an even and efficient heat distribution throughout the rail.
• Energy efficient - 150 watts
• International Quality 

MaterialStainless Steel

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