Moda Vinile Luxury Vinyl Tile Collection
Moda Vinile Luxury Vinyl Tile Collection

Moda Vinile Luxury Vinyl Tile Collection

Imported wood-look vinyl that’s as beautiful as the real thing, only more durable.

Contemporary vinyl is one of the 21st century’s latest flooring trends. It is without a doubt an excellent family-proof flooring choice and a far cry from its traditional mid-century ‘forerunner’. Once only available in ‘sheet’ form, the modern remastering of vinyl is now in ‘plank’ form. Today, vinyl is essentially a manufactured fibreboard that is engineered by the compression of wood shavings and resin under high heat. It is then covered with a ‘decorative’ layer of vinyl to give it that lush, carpenter-finished timber appearance.


Moda Vinile handles heavy foot traffic, so it can be used with confidence throughout the home or office, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. Unlike pure hardwood, Moda Vinile– thanks to its multiple layers -  can withstand moisture, scratches and spills. It also has a ‘cushion’ finish which makes it very comfortable underfoot.

If installed and maintained correctly, Moda Vinile will last for years. 


Under commercial conditions, Moda Vinile will last for up to 7 years. Under residential conditions, Moda Vinile will last for up to 25 years.

Value for money.

Moda Vinile offers all the good looks of hardwood without the high price tag. In fact, it is considerably less expensive than many flooring options.

Flood care.

Should Moda Vinile flooring get waterlogged due to flooding (e.g. burst geyser), we advise that floors are removed carefully until the substrate dries completely. The planks can then be re-installed.

Handle with care for longer wear.

Moda Vinile has been designed for years of use with the correct cleaning methods.

-Sweep or vacuum every night

-Wipe up spills straight away

-To clean away what a broom or vacuum can’t, use a good quality mop dampened (not soaking) with warm (not hot) water

-If a damp mop doesn’t succeed, add mild soap to the water, never chemicals

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