EcoTec Tile Collections
EcoTec Tile Collections

EcoTec Tile Collections

Italtile partner Ceramic Industries leads the way with green tech.

We love making noise about local manufacturers who lead the way with sustainable technology; especially when the manufacturer in question is an Italtile partner! Ceramic Industries has been committed to sustainable innovation for 40 years. In that time, the group of companies has been finding smarter, cleaner ways to produce Proudly South African, fashion-forward products that deliver on our shared vision of supporting every South African’s right to a beautiful, eco-chic life.

Against this eco-pioneering backdrop, Ceramic Industries is the proud developer of EcoTec, an exciting new eco-focused technology in the manufacture of tiles.

With EcoTec, light is the new strong. A new generation of EcoTec tiles is on the production line, created with production methodologies that result in thinner tiles with the following benefits:

Light: EcoTec reduces the amount of clay required for tile bodies.

Strong: EcoTec tile bodies are 25% to 55% stronger than SABS SANS1449 MOR standards.

Green: Less energy is required for firing. Less water per mutilised throughout the entire process. Tiles are lighter to transport, thus helping to reduce fuel costs and carbon footprint.

Italtile currently stocks a range of Ceramic Industries’ green tiles, all of which fly Italtile’s Live Green logo. They are among our best sellers for good reason, being Proudly South African from an eco-chic stable:

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