Private Home - The Eye of Africa

this look
this look

This home was done by the Floyd from the Italtile showroom in the Glen.The bathrooms were each given their own look with the use of mosaics as splash backs behind the basins. The mosaics used are as follows:

  • The blue circular mosaic is the Crystal Bubble mosaic from Douglas Jones.
  • The Crystal Linear mosaic used in the second bathroom is part of our exclusive range of mosaics. This mosaic incorporates crystals in the layout. The basin is the Quado basin from Cotto
  • The small square mosaics are the Arctic Blend mosaic and is made from natural stone and glass. The basin is again the Quado basin and in this case the tap is from the Versilia range by Tivoli
  • The final mosaic is a custom made glass mosaic. With this supplier you are able to choose the layout of the glass and the colours you want to be used.