The Yellow Wood retail shopping centre is a well-known stop for many locals as well as tourists in the Plettenberg Bay area. This neighborhood type shopping centre has a business model based on convenience, one of which factors include a quick pop-in-and-out of the shops.

An important part of this type of shopping centre is the type of flooring used. This flooring should be able to withstand high amounts of traffic and lend itself to all the types of weather as the area is only partially covered.


Italtile commercial agent Janine Zillman consulted on this flooring replacement. She had suggested using a tile manufactured locally. This meant that the project could classify as a LiveGreen project with little contribution to the carbon emissions relating to the transport of the tiles.

The project made use of Torre Sand Anti-Slip porcelain tiles. This beige tile provides the great amount of surety as slipping was a safety concern for the project managers. The tile has a fine, granular texture that prevents the pooling of water and means safe passage for all shoppers of Yellow Wood centre. Being a hard porcelain, the 600 x 600 mm tile is hardy and will withstand medium to high amounts of foot traffic for years to come.

This way, all shoppers will be walking on sunshine during their convenient shopping experience at Yellow Wood.