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V&A | Terrassa Matt Black Bath

September 7, 2017

When the market speaks, we at Italtile listen.

With the growing and developing trend of Hyggae, there is a demand for bathroomware to continue the conversation of minimalistic interiors of black and white. And boy, does the new Black Terrassa bathtub from Victoria + Albert speak volumes! New and exclusive to Italtile, the Terrassa black bathtub is one of the few black and white baths available to the South African market. 


The Terrassa is a generously sized freestanding bathtub created from state of the art solid surface material, QUARRYCAST®. Rich in Volcanic Limestone™, has at its base a pure white form that is solid and allows such a pure, rich black colour to adorn the outside surface. The Terrassa bathtub combines exquisite proportions with the luxury of being silky smooth and warm to the touch. The interior of the bath is unique in that each bath is finished by hand and has a shiny, easy to clean surface. The outside of the bath has a matt black paint and it comes with a protective, clear coat that is UV and stain resistant. It cleans easily with soap and water. Victoria + Albert guarantees the exterior paint finish for a period of 2 years.

This bath is made from one mould, with no joins and is therefore extremely strong and will not creak or bend. Easily polish out scratches in the solid surface of this bath. Though the bath is solid and looks extremely heavy, it is in fact no heavier than an average person, making for easy installation, unlike some other stone baths. In line with Italtile’s LiveGreen ethos, this bath has many eco-friendly qualities, one being that it insulates heat very well, keeping you soaking in luxury for longer.

The material from which the bath is made will also not impact the environment once the bath eventually completes its term of use. This, as well as other V+A baths give you the ability to choose where to drill your overflow and waste holes. Please note that this service should be performed by a professional. 


Victoria and Albert baths are manufactured in South Africa with origins in the United Kingdom and it is of no surprise that they come standard with a 25-year warranty against manufacturer defects.


Material: QUARRYCAST®/ Volcanic Limestone composite

Colour: Outside – Black; Inside – White Alternatives: Terrassa Gloss White

Bath volume: 170 litres

Selling features: Longevity, warmth, luxury, strength and beauty

Size: 1709 x 759 x 525 mm

Guarantee: 25 years