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January 27, 2021


So we all promised 2021 we’d come in quietly, sit down carefully and touch nothing, just leave us alone... right? Well, way to ace January, Italstylers. We’re one month in and holding steady. Those survival hacks, direction finders and happiness mantras are working. Nobel Peace Prizes all round. Anyhoo, while we were cautiously tiptoeing around Jan... Feb snuck up on us. What, already? Fear not. We’re giving Feb a full body yes, and so will you when we unpack it for you. Long story shorter, we’ve got three words for Feb.

Fab.U. Lous.

What’s so Fab about Feb this year? Let’s count the ways.


What’s not to heart about Valen-time? With the loving treats and candy and candlelit dinners and divine lingerie and roses that make us F.A.B. (Feel Awesomely Beautiful). Of course, not everyone’s a sucker for a floral tribute... and for those who long for more glamorous, more long-term symbols of adoration, may we suggest a little bit of loveliness from Italtile.

 For example, nothing says “I love you and cherish you and understand your desire for a daily soak in a deluxe tub” quite like the gift of our drop-dead-gorgeous new Magnolia Bath. Apart from the Magnolia’s loveliness, let’s tell you a bit about its F.A.B. (Features, Advantages and Benefits):

-freestanding, to give you the freedom to decide where it lives

-a freestanding tub adds instant panache and 6-star spa vibes

-proudly South African design and manufacture

-a 10-year warranty to give you years of super soaking


Well, apart from Feb being the month of luurv, it’s also the month we kickstart our annual promo, and the ‘Febulous’ luxury we’ve chosen to put on promo is going to up your style stakes while flattening the spending curve. (We told you this year’s going to be 2021-derful!) Save up to 40% on imported and local tiles, taps, showers, basins, loos, mosaics, baths and accessories. Here’s a little taste: 20% off our legendary Mosaics. Fab or what?

With this level of fabulosity on promo, best you get your shopping shoes on and come and find your fab before it flies out of our stores. (Or, if you’re still a little cautious about being out and about, why not shop the promo online, click and collect?)

 FAB promo


Cement-look floors are always on trend, and add edge to the ever-popular industrial and minimalist interior design palettes. Our cement and screed portfolio never stops growing, and we’re excited to unpack the new Avenue range, which is a spectacular local remastering of textured cement flooring. The F.A.B. (features, advantages and benefits, remember?) include many plus factors:

-three divinely authentic mid-tone colourways (Charcoal, Grey, White)

-versatile, durable and budget-friendly

-a LiveGreen choice manufactured using EcoTec

- you can try it before you buy it with our new uView

-the whole range is on promo! 

Avenue Range


Avoid costly mistakes by viewing a complete ‘installation’ of your tile choices before you buy. uView’s our brilliant new online ‘changing room’ service designed to help you try out any number of tile styles for your room. Simply select the room style, choose the tile and voilà! uView ‘installs’ the tile in the room. Like it? No? Try another tile, till you find the look you love. Now, that’s fabulous, no? uView works beautifully on your laptop or your mobile, and you can access it 24/7. Try it here.



The Cotto Tetragon White Floor standing Toilet is our latest new LiveGreen loo.

It offers cutting-edge Thai design, top-class eco tech and fine craftsmanship. The long list of Features, Advantages and Benefits includes:

-a soft-close function

-a skirt design that enhances its good looks

-stain-resistant, easy-clean material keeps it hygienic

-SCG eco value label for sustainable manufacturing processes using fewer materials

-eco-friendly flush option saves you up to 12,5% of your water use



Our fave Design Diva, Melanie Ewing of Chapters Interiors fame, will be sharing the skinny on 2021 design industry trends, up on our YouTube channel. Don’t miss this Feb edition of the Lockdown Design Downloads... so much of fabulous!



World-class craftsmanship isn’t only a hallmark of our magnificent range of imported and local products. It’s also one of the tenets of our professional installation service. An Italtile purchase is a sizeable investment in lasting beauty, and we believe top quality tiles, taps, sanware and so on deserve flawless installation. As a discerning customer you expect it... and we demand it of our professional installations service. We handpick our teams for their specialisation, experience, technical product knowledge and attention to detail. We love that they love what they do, and so we stand by their workmanship with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Check if our service is available in your area here.


So, class, what have we learned today?

FAB doesn’t just refer to our Live Beautifully ethos, our super-duper newly unpacked products and our incredible 2021 promo... it’s the acronym for the lists and lists of rock solid Features, Advantages and Benefits of every single piece of our Italtile style: F.A.B.


Take advantage of #FabFeb, find your fab, get peace of mind from our F.A.B. and live beautifully!