The sink tank.

Celebrating our sink mixers. From matt black to silvery.


May’s the month when we really notice that our days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer. No coincidence, really, that we have chosen May as the month to pay homage to our favourite kind of darkness. It’s a delicious dark that has descended on everything in the homes, including the kitchen sink… and the kitchen sink mixer.


We’d like you to meet Matt. Matt Black. Velvety, suave and muscular, Matt Black is the sexiest hero on Planet Fashion (featured in the May Style Guide, so you can fall in love). Now, the dark arts are working their magic on the sink mixer world and we’re bewitched.


If you crave a little contrast in your kitchen but aren’t quite ready to do the brave ‘go- for-broke’ black immersion, black accents on a sink mixer will work beautifully with your colour and tone language and are a subtle way to rock the trend. You’ll find yourself adding more touches before long (think sinks, backsplashes and décor tiles… but those are stories for another day).


Make your move.

Italtile stocks a range of chic black beauties, but the star of the show

is undoubtedly the professional stainless steel and black rubber Move Mixer by Nobili – a devilish little bit of black magic brought to you by Tivoli Taps.


Beautifully functional form.

Move takes the professional sink mixer to the next level, with simplified lines (the traditional bridge supporting the shower head is replaced by the outlet spout itself) and evolutionary technology. As an evolutionary move away from traditional mixers, the frontal position of the centre of rotation doubles the range of the mixer tap movement - hence the name!


Magnetic attraction.

We’ve saved the best bit to last: Move’s magnetic attraction. Seriously. The shower head has a super-stylish magnetic head which docks - like a tiny Star Wars-y spacecraft - onto the support arm. And like all good Star Wars-y features, the force is with you… so you can dislodge the shower head and use it with one hand.


The best thing about your love affair with matt black Move by Nobili? It’ll last a long, long time. Nobili taps are brought to you by Tivoli, which means they come with the Tivoli 10-year guarantee.


An eco-chic art installation.

Eco-friendly design means you use less water. Materials used are anti-bacterial. And Move’s heritage is 100% Italian. And its design credentials are impressive, from the studio of multi-award-winning designer Marco Venzano… who you can stalk right here:


Stainless steel and chrome are still style leaders.

While the dark force is rising – and it’s irresistible – chrome and stainless steel remain timelessly sophisticated choices on the interior designer’s palette. And Italtile’s silvery sink mixers are always trending.


Tivoli’s New Road Range.

Take your chef skills up a good few notches with a New Road sink mixer. At home in a modern kitchen landscape or a more traditional setting, this range turns the prep sink or main sink area into a focus point. The eye-catching combo of straight edges and round corners with an elegantly modern vertical handle is… quite frankly… downright sexy and touchable.


Once again, like all Tivoli Taps, The New Road range comes with the Tivoli 10-year guarantee.


Sofi-sticated style.

Whichever model you chose, you’ll live beautifully with taps from the Sofi range by Tivoli, exclusive to Italtile. A little bit curvaceous, a whole lot sexy, utterly Italian, and beautifully made to last, with a 10 year guarantee. We think they’re tapsolutely fabulous. But don’t take our word for it, check out their sheer Sofi-stication here:


There’s a sink mixer with your name on it.

Well, OK, not literally… but we love that there are as any style preferences as there are people on the planet. How dull if we all bought the same stuff? It’s the Italtile way to hunt down the widest range of styles, looks, colours and shapes, the magnificent and timeless classics and the latest trends, both local and imported, to suit all pockets, in order to delight every single Italtile shopper, whether instore or online. And remember, it’s the accents in your house - like the choice of sink mixer - that define your style language. While most taps and sink mixers can look fabulous in a variety of kitchen spaces… many need a specific style to stand out in the way the designer intended.


Be authentic always and never follow the Joneses. The way you decorate your home is rather like your signature. It’s beautifully you. Your aura is what attracts people to you and your home. They’re visiting YOU… not the Joneses! If you don’t feel confident enough yet to make your own choices, speak to our design-certified sales advisers instore and online. Show them photos of your kitchen space, talk about your likes and dislikes, and let them guide you towards the sink mixer that best defines your taste and personality – trad, mod, boho chic - to lift your kitchen to the next level of beautiful living.


Sink carefully… and live beautifully!