Loving local.

While our heritage is 100% Italian, our design philosophy is all inclusive: we are by no means ‘country of origin’ snobs. We do source superb quality from around the world, but we’re also mad about local artisanship, design and manufacture. South Africa has, for too long, lived under the woefully incorrect and unnecessarily unconfident illusion that if it’s imported it must be better.


Italtile is, first and foremost, a House of Brands. And that means researching, sourcing, supporting - and in many cases investing in - manufacturers whose work lives up to our standards of excellence, whether imported or local.  We’ve been supporting local brands that resonate with our #livebeautifully ethos since forever. And oh, dear reader, the joy of so much local loveliness! It gladdens the heart… and you’ll find truckloads of it at Italtile.


Italtile’s Proudly South African suppliers have been handpicked after rigorous investigation, with factory visits and product forensics - just as we do with imported ranges - to ensure our quality standards are never compromised. If it’s on our floor, it’s fabulous. Inside and out. Our local is lekker. Finish and klaar.


Italtile’s local loveliness.

Let’s take a little stroll through Italtile’s local loveliness. Starting with the Ceramic Industries Group - incorporating the Gryphon Factory (tiles) and Betta (sanware). We’ve been associated with them for years and are now business partners: not just because they make products of extraordinary beauty and quality, not just because their factories follow our ethical, #livegreen path, but because their beauty runs more than skin deep, into genuinely uplifting local community partnerships (cultural, sporting and schooling), with integrous and solid B-BBEE programmes. When you make a Ceramic Industries purchase you’re also buying into a truly beautiful business philosophy.


If you’re looking for incredible floor and wall tiles and you’re tightening the purse strings, ask our design-certified sales advisers to show you the ranges from Gryphon’s state-of-the-art factory. Superb export quality and absolutely drop dead gorgeous. They’re good enough for the world, so they’re good enough for us. The Gryphon porcelain white body/ cushion edge collections - Dark, Light and Mid Dunkeld; Greige, Grey and White Midway; and Grey, Noir and White Columbia – are all Italtile exclusives. They’re hardwearing, and their lasting good looks are perfect for modern interiors and exteriors. You’ll also find slip-resistant options.

Betta 10-year warranty sanware products are ‘betta’ in every way. Quality, classic good looks, durability, mindful carbon footprint and last but not least, price. These are the real deal and they are exported to Europe. Bidets, urinals, toilets, basins and freestanding and drop-in baths. Our very own local bathroomware is in European households and offices. Si. In Italy too!

Give a little TLC with TFC.

Tile grouts (traditional finishes as well as some actual factual sparklers), plus adhesives, residue removers and cleaners. All the finishing touches to your local wall and floor tiles and mosaics are made right here in the good old Rep of SA.


Check out Litikol, Litikol Starlike and Starlight Crystal; this range will blow your stylish mind and make you rethink grouting forever. Grout is sexy. Whaaat?


Now let’s take a walk through our Cedar Point products. Little known fact: Italtile owns an 80% chunk. Quite a diverse supplier of tiling tools, laminated floor boards, cabinets, decor and accessories. Take a peek here.


Last but not least, local loveliness in the little things. Dominus, South Africa’s very own premium bathroom accessory brand is one of our firm faves: so beautifully made and finished that every single piece comes with a lifetime warranty. And even more beautiful is that the Dominus Alpha Accessory range in on promo right now. Wonderful Wowness, made right here, with 20% off, while stocks last.


Stop believing that the world out there has more to offer than we have here. We’re killing it in the design world. (Think current IKEA/SA collabs at the Design Indaba 2019.)There’s local loveliness everywhere. From Parys to Paris. And we ‘heart’ lekker. (Even if we pronounce it with an Italian accent!)


Love your land. Go local. And live beautifully.

Well, ciao for now (or should we say hamba kahle, SA stylistas!)