Let’s go into the woods.

An ode to the remastering of the classiest look of all time.


Nothing beats a beautiful, genuine hardwood floor… said nobody who visited an Italtile showroom ever. Because, well, without a word of a boast, we stock South Africa’s widest, most magnificent collection of luxury, wood-look porcelain tiles: international and local, with the most comprehensive variety of tones and lengths. And not one tree was harmed in the making of them.

American poet Joyce Kilmer wrote: “I think that I shall never see/ A poem lovely as a tree.” Well, sadly, he went to that big leafy forest in the sky looong before Italtile opened its doors here in 1969… because we’re prepared to bet he might have changed his mind and gotten even more rhapsodic about our pretty ‘planks’ of wonderfully wood-look porcelain tiles: remastered honey-toned blondes, majestic mellow oak tones, fragile ash hues, and worn, pre-loved woods.

As good as wood. If not better.

How do you make wood better? Well, you leave the trees alone and you watch those wood-look wizards over at Sant’Agostino work their magic with cutting edge digital inkjet interpretation of the beautiful grainy textures that make wood so utterly fantastic to look at and walk on.

Take a look at Sant-Agostino Barkwood: floorware inspired by the glowing heart of rare European fruit woods. Then feel them: warm to the touch with a wonderful artisan-hewed, authentic wood feel. White, natural, burnt and ash colourways offer you a range of tones to match with your interior mood board. These beauties will give you a lifetime of enjoyment.

Then, check out their boho chic ColorArt range, where Sant-Agostino artisans have become ever more creative. Here you get a sense of ‘carpentry’, and the passing of time. These slender planks seem like they have survived fire, water and several paint jobs, with a breathtaking reinterpretation of sanded, reclaimed wood.

Our Spanish tilemaster partners are equally elegant craftspeople, with a deep understanding of the characteristics of sawed timber. Their Maryland range is refined and elegant, with graceful ‘slats’ and a matt silk finish.

Local and lekker.

Make no mistake, our very own, proudly South African wood-effect tiles are every bit as gorgeous as their imported cousins. The Lushwood range carries our LiveGreen logo and is an Italtile exclusive. Earthy toned and fine-grained, Lushwood is available in taupe and ash, with a slip-resistant ash option for exteriors: perfect for pool decking and patios. Savings alert! This range is on promo right now.

Our Legno range is another exceptional example of South African craftsmanship. Flexible, tough, chip-resistant, and very handsome.

Then for something completely different, browse our proudly LiveGreen and local Azure porcelain timber-like range with a soft, finely sanded surface and attractive zigzag finish when laid.

Ceramic Industries’ raw wood-effect range, Barnwood, has been engineered to carry the natural nicks and scores of the artisan carpenter, subtly reproduced through precision printing techniques. Raw Scandi tones include natural, grey and whitewashed.

OK, so now for the real thing. Genuine wood cladding. Global Stone, our cladding partners, have created magic with a range of 3D Wood Wall cCadding.

A South African first. This remarkable LiveGreen range is truly a celebration of natural beauty. Baroque Acacia, Baroque Maple, Baroque Black Walnut, Reclaimed Mixed and Reclaimed Pine are your options, ready to give your bedroom or living area feature wall a super-natural dimension. 

Easy on the eye and easy to install: the interlocking panels make doing-it-yourself a delight. You simply select your finish, line up the panels and glue or nail gun them to the wall.

All the panel varieties are FSE certified; three finishes are produced from sustainable forests and two of them are from reclaimed wood. The factories support the communities around them and are also operated sustainably.

Inspiration Station.

Experiment with wood on wood. Ignore the notion that wood tones have to match (because that’s so last century).  Blend rough and rustic with blonde and smooth, grey-washed pieces with dark stains. The mixed wood look of grains and stains creates the collected-over-time look for a deeply personal and story-laden aesthetic.

Wood isn’t just for floors… a wood-clad wall is a joy to behold. Consider this daring and eye-catching option, but speak to our design-certified sales advisers first about which ranges work best on walls.

Last words on woods.

All our remastered timbers are rectified, which allows for an outstandingly seamless effect when laid: perfectly tooled edges mean that minimal grout is needed, which enhances the authentic look. Porcelain tiles are very low maintenance, and need minimal cleaning – however, ensure you do not use corrosive cleaners.

Beautiful, sustainable, deluxe wood-look porcelain tiles will be forever on trend. And always in stock at Italtile. We ‘wood’ love to talk to you about how wood look tiles will up the investment potential of your new build or reno. Pop into a store near you or hop online. And live beautifully.