Interior design. Dream it, do it.

How to make a look your own. And where to start.


You’re on the brink of a home reno or a room updo. You’ve got grandiose ideas that will lift your look into the design stratosphere. But the more you page and click your way through décor ideas to put your look together, the more you feel yourself disappearing down a rabbit hole. Digging around is what you need to do… but proceed with caution and a minimum of panic. Here’s some advice to get it together with more fun, less fuss… and all the fabulosity.


Take a deep breath. Design inspo FOMO is a thing. But we’re here to soothe your troubled, décor-soaked mind by reminding you that the design world is rather like the world map. You’ll never visit everywhere. And that’s fine. So let’s focus, Shirley, focus, and put together a design inspo trip that gets you to your desired destination.


Bags of mags.

Too much loveliness to even begin to list them all, but we adore SA Homeowner, Home and Tuis, and SA Garden and Home.


WWW-Where to start?

Get your daily inspiration from blogs. But which ones? Let’s put a pin in the world’s top 25 for you. Browse them all and you’ll end up shortlisting a handful that resonate with you.


Closer to home, there’s, one of our faves for a local take on the world’s trends. Decorex, every design hunter’s great day out, also has an inspiring blog and they put out about three posts a month. Then, there’s, packed with gorgeous décor details. If you’re the slightest bit boho chic and adore unusual, small batch, whimsical homewares and fabrics and all the rest, then Skinny Laminx is your girl and will become your happy place. Fiona Rossiter’s is also a breath of fresh décor air. Finally, meet Marcia on the


Keep it Pinteresting.

Possibly the greatest scrapbook the world has ever experienced. Every look that ever was, is and will be is on Pinterest. This is big mood board country; a space for you to put your looks together and see how they make friends together. Learn how to get your mood board on here

FYI, we’re on Pinterest too! Find us and follow us… in the next couple of months well be upping our mood board game too to offer you next level home reno inspo.



Have you Visualised your bathroom ideas?

When it comes to bathroom design, the sky’s the limit. If you need to see your décor ideas in 3D, Italtile has developed a Visualiser that’s waiting for you on;

Simply select your dream finishes from our gorgeous gallery and the Visualiser helps you get it all together. Once you’ve created the look that really thrills your heart, you can either save it, or take it directly to your online shopping cart.


The IID.

Also known as The African Institute of the Interior Design Professions, this is an organisation that represents the cream of SA’s interior design and décor professionals. Visit them on to find the best of the best designers and suppliers. You’ll find us there, too! (humblebrag much?)


Whatever road you take through design and decor, your destination is to live beautifully, and that means a trip to your local Italtile. Come armed with all your ideas and mood boards, your magazine clippings and design journals: talk to one of our design-certified sales advisers. Their advice and ideas will be invaluable and our bottomless @craftcoffeesa will help ignite more inspo as you browse our magnificent



Dream and design without fear and live beautifully!