Introducing Italtile Installation. How to #DDIY.
The art of “Don’t Do it Yourself”.

In which we encourage you to celebrate your skills, accept your limitations, and understand that unless you’re Tinashe the Tilerman… it’s unwise and costly to attempt a home tiling project yourself.

Things not to do yourself unless you’ve had years of experience:

1)    Large Hadron Collider

2)    Tiling

Ah, DIY. The great dream of doing it yourself and saving hundreds of valuable folding South African rands. It’s also a great excuse to visit those massive builders’ mancaves: to rub shoulders with burly types who can powerlift 200kg of piping and planks; to test drive drills; and to ask the paint sample guy to mix up cute little pots of colour that will never see a wall in your house and sit in the garage for the rest of their miserable lives. Also, those boerie rolls in the parking lot on a Saturday morning, amiright? In short, the DIY dream gets you out of the house to gaze at Gadgets and Gizmos You Don’t Know How to Use.

Can you hang a picture? Can you put a plug on your new kettle? Can you change the dirt bag in the vacuum cleaner? Can you fix a flat tyre? If you answered ‘no’ to more than one of these questions, we’d like to respectfully suggest that you step away from the tile adhesive.

When you hit the wall of limitations on DIY, it’s time to #DDIY (Don't Do It Yourself). DDIY is one of the habits of highly successful homeowners! And here’s how to become a DDIY-er.

Italtile’s new Installation Service.
The www is littered with do-ers, makers and fixers. We see their lorries whizzing around the ‘burbs every day. Then of course, your well-meaning friends will recommend their “guy”.

But what if their “guy” has an off day and bungles the job? That’s money down the drain. Who to use? Who to trust? Well, if we were you we’d trust us. Trust Italtile’s new Installation Service, now available to Gauteng Italstylers.

Beautifully made. Beautifully laid.
Italtile now offers an installation service that guarantees quality workmanship, with a handpicked selection of artisans and craftspeople, chosen for their professionalism, expertise and understanding of our magnificent tiles and tiling products. Ultimately, it’s our reputation on the line, so it’s in our own best interests to choose our partner artisans carefully. Our experience, combined with their expertise, take the risk and quesswork out of the equation for you. And the investment you make in quality tiles and workmanship will be well worth it in the long run.

We’re so confident of their craftsmanship and proven track records, and have such trust in their abilities, that we take 100% responsibility for their work.

More art installation than tile laying.
Our tiles are absolutely gorgeous. They are an investment in beautiful living. And they need to be handled by experts and treated with care. It would be heart breaking if your chosen tiles were laid imperfectly, unevenly or with a messy finish. It would also be a terrible waste of money.

There’s more to tile installation than gloves, grout and glue. When you see our teams in action, quite apart from the impressively eyebrow-raising calculations and measurements, you realise installation is an art.

So how does Italtile’s Installation Service work?
You only pay for the tiles. The installation is part of our service to you.
1.Purchase your dream tiles (or large format slabs or mosaics or natural wall cladding).
2.Speak to one of our sales advisers (instore or online) to book an installation.
3.Once we know the scope of the project and what you have in mind, your sales adviser will contact the dead right installation team for your project.
4.Your bespoke installation team will contact you to organise a home inspection and quote before commencing the project.
5.Your beautifully made tiles are beautifully laid.
6.Live beautifully!

Rolling out right now in Gauteng.
A service as bespoke as this takes time to put in place. Right now, we have formed artisan partnerships in the Gauteng area. In time, our unique Installation Service will be available to everyone, everywhere. In the meantime, if you live in another province and  purchase Italtile tiles instore or online, speak to one of our design-certified sales advisers about your project. You’ll get qualified advice and a list of installation services in your area (although obviously we can’t guarantee their workmanship!)

Of course, if you’re an absolute wizard with glue and grout and have become a bit of an installation legend in your own lunchtime, by all means DIY and take advantage of our brilliant range of top quality adhesives, grouts, and tiling tools. Otherwise… not so much.

Adopt the habit of highly successful homeowners and #DDIY, people. Ask us first. If you’re in Gauteng, you’ll be the first Italstylers to benefit from the ‘beautifully made, beautifully laid’ Italtile Installation Service offering.

#DDIY and live beautifully!