Celebrate the Slow Down Days with us.

It’s official. Autumn’s happening. We can feel it in our hands and feet… and our carb cravings. And we are delighted. Mornings and evenings are crispier around the edges, which is just the excuse we need to be a little more indoorsy and snoozy. Less tea, more cocoa (did someone say rusks?). A little less salady and a lot more soupy. (Our fave is Nigella’s family-friendly Minestrone in Minutes http://bit.ly/NigellaMinestroneSoup   

because it’s easy-peasy, and so moreish even picky little ones love it!)

Cuddle up, cuties. Nature’s putting away her bright botanicals and bringing out her warm golds and velvets. You’re probably doing the same sort of thing with your wardrobe, so why not follow through with your home? We say start feathering your nest for the big chill.

Small changes make a big difference. Create instant change by swopping out your summery cushion covers with some softer, cuddlier textures and earthier tones. What about a set of even fluffier bath towels? Warm up tiled floors with a gorgeous rug. We’re mad about the Hertex nostalgic chenille indoor Botany range, http://bit.ly/HertexChenilleRugs.

More good news for Ital-stylers: Italtile Installations. So you’ve bought a pile of tiles, or taps and showerheads, maybe a bath or a new loo, cistern and flush plate. Now what? Well, from now in, you’ll benefit from our special installation service. We have handpicked a selection of high-level artisans and installation specialists, and we guarantee their workmanship 100%. It’s a superb service, but for now, available only in Gauteng. Chat to your sales advisor for more deets

Another warm welcome: Jeeves always come out tops with their heated towel rails. But can we have a warm round of applause for their new must-have Lungo model, with its stylish, winning looks. And speaking of WIN… there’s 1 x Jeeves Lungo heated towel rail up for grabs - worth R 5995 - in our Italtile Autumn Awesomeness Giveaway. Entry deets on our Facebook page: http://bit.ly/ItaltileFacebook


This season, Italtile loves: Tivoli brushed bronze taps for vintage nostalgia and lasting good looks with a 10 year guarantee. Wood-look tiles with rich, warm, lifelike textures, designed for style-conscious hibernators. Natural cladding, because even tough walls could do with a beautiful winter ‘coat’. TailorArt tiles which put unique, tweedy textures under your toetsies. Utterly gaspworthy they are, too. 

‘Tis the season for soaking. We love a shower as much as the next person, but three cheers for tub time. And an extra hoorah for Swiss perfectionists Laufen and their Palladium white steel bath. Built-in beauty includes an ingenious metal surface that retains heat for longer. Part of the Wow Factor is that it’s on promo right now! (Our Wonderful World of Wow  sale is on till June.)

One last thing. A top holiday tip for home renovators. The first quarter’s over. School hols are with us. If by any chance you’re thinking about tiling a wall, here’s some pre-tiling fun you can have with the marauding hordes. Supply a bunch of spray paint and face masks, put down some plastic sheeting, and tell the little brutes to graffiti their hearts out. That’s a whole day sorted. Video the process for lasting proof that you’re the coolest parents on the planet. Then cover it all up with tiles. You’re welcome.

Embrace change. Hug all the autumn hygge. And live beautifully.