Great Expectations.

We are always looking ahead, scanning the style horizons and watching for fresh new winds of change; and as the year end approaches, so do some incredibly exciting trends. If you’ve been following us, you’ll have caught a whiff of one or two of these newcomers. Some of them need a little introduction. Others are old friends in new clothes.

Here’s a taste. Intimacy; cement everything; fusion; the blacks; the indoor garden; geometry; the recycled life; Japandi; the new grey; texture; mixed metals; and 2020’s big, big buzzword: fusion. Oh… and the colours. Pantone’s Living Colour is going to hang around for a while but read on to discover the new hues. Let’s just say that 2020’s going to be a blast, and we can’t wait to show you the way.


Inclusivity’s in. Style fundamentalism is out. No one decorative style rules. Fusion is the combination of trends to co-exist in a single space. Meet the multivironment: an authentic, unique, blended space that tells the story of you.


The happy collision of two worlds: Scandi simplicity and Japanese order. Of course. The perfect bedfellows. Everything you need and nothing you don’t. Functional beauty and beautiful functionality. That means no clutter, Carol.

Be natural.

As we are more and more mindful of the need to live in harmony with our Mother Earth and heal her, the natural trend gets traction. Be eagle-eyed about carbon footprints, interrogate the labels you choose, ask the hard questions about source materials; recycle, grow edible plants, harvest the seeds and replant. Investigate the new leathers (Google is our friend here). Be responsible citizens of the planet and look for green ‘ways’. Our Italtile mandate is #livegreen, a carefully audited path we journey along to stay green from factory floor to your door.


Open Plan was the way we deconstructed our living and working areas; now the trend is toward Broken Plan. Creating interesting divisions between activity areas so that rooms become oases and sanctuaries: sliding doors, hanging plant ‘curtains’, folding dividers, different levels, glass or textured screens, bookshelves.

Open Cabinets and Cupboards.

Instead of hiding our possessions, display them in open cabinets, showcase pantries and door-free wardrobes to create wall decoration and usable, everyday art.

The Focal Point Fireplace.

Has mankind gone full circle? Seems like it, as we create living room design around the fireplace, both indoors and outdoors. We’re seeing the growth of magnificent 360 fireplaces that radiate warmth in a full circle. We’re also seeing the emergence of intentional fireplace design, and you can get the look by using our wall cladding, mosaics, patchwork tiles and large format tiles.

The Woods.

OK, nothing new here… except the tones. Blonde and light ash tones are giving way to darker, more elegant hues. Legno Walnut slip-resistant wood-look tiles will add sophistication to your outdoor areas and decking. ColorArt Navy will give your living areas an artsy, recycled, eclectic feeling. Barnwood Brown Matt Glazed Porcelain Tiles, or beautiful Barnwood Burnt will also give authentic tonal depth. And be bold… think wood-look walls, too.

The Vegetables.

In 2020 we will be putting our spaces on a high fibre diet, with jute, wicker, coir, rattan and hemp. We love a good weave.

Mixed Metals.

From the industrial grunge of oxidised metals to the brushed satin of bronze and the high shine of sliver, stainless steel and all the golds, metals are there to be mixed and matched in every room. We’ve already introduced you to Nox, our extraordinary oxidised steel porcelain tiles with their ‘battleship’ strength for outside wall cladding and floors, not just for interior excitement. Check out our Dominus and Zack accessory ranges. And our incredible range of sink mixers and basin taps, shower heads and shower arms.

The Full Black Kitchen.

We’ve introduced you to matt black, and you’ve dipped your toes in the dark with matt black sinks, sink mixers, shower enclosures, basins and baths. Now it’s time to complete the journey and go full black. We’re starting to see anthracite and charcoal join forces with glossy and matt black on kitchen islands, floors, backsplashes, brassware and cabinetry.

The upholstered bedroom.

Headboards are going to be big. Literally. Upholstered like an old chesterfield in a variety of fabrics and textures, from linen to leather.

The Pantone Colour Palette.

Always the most tricky predictions, colours are not absolutes. They’re there to be played with, dialled up or down and mixed till you find the tones that are a good vibrational match with your personality.

-Grape. Purple’s not for everyone (yes, it’s going to be big!), but thankfully you can still rock the trend with a milder mauve or lilac or lavender. (Settle down, Sally, Ultra Violet’s not coming back!)

-Grey grows up. Less neutral and polite than before, grey’s getting into its stride in 2020, going all the way to bold anthracites and charcoals. Use it EVERYWHERE.

-The Blues. Navy is a go, folks. Deep, delicious, midnight navy blue, just a few steps away from black. We’re seeing it as a wall colour and on cabinetry and we’re already singing love songs to it. Then there are the faded denims, cobalts and Mediterranean blues (brighter and more cheerful than ever), and the bleached beach blues: aqua, sky blue and turquoise, trickling into the next colourway. Green.

-Greens. Every shade you can think of is hot and happening. (But the darker the better, say the trendspotters). Aromatic sage to Biscay green, jewel-bright emerald, and even further, to dark hunter green and poison ivy.

-Pink’s still going to be popular, in all her personalities from blush, to dust, to flaming flamingo (just not Millennial Pink).

-Yellow. Nothing pops like egg yolk, daffodil, citrus, wheat, sunlight, saffron, cheddar and mustard. So many moods to love.

-Flame and Orange Peel. Strong Pantone favourites as we segue from Living Coral.

So it’s OK to go full Dorito or Cheeto, girls.

-Cinnamon. Spicy and oh so nicey.

The indoor garden.

The garden’s going to be full of furniture and the house will be full of plants. Hanging plant gardens in the bathroom. Bookshelves populated with potplants. It’s going to be epic. Oh, and botanicals will continue to feature in wall art, fabrics and rugs. Your home’s going to be a shrub hub, baby.

Tile trends.

Just a few notes, here, because you’re probably reeling from the dizziness of all this style downloading.

-Avant garde has just landed. Constructivist, abstract and geometric, and boldly modernist. Speak to one of our design certified sales advisers about our bespoke,

customisable, high-pressure waterjet-cutting technology: put your imagination together with our technology and the geometric trend and we can help you bring Avant Garde geometry home beautifully.

-Extra-large goes Outsize. Large format tiles took the style world by storm last year and this year. While they are still the hot trend, excitement is mounting as Italtile awaits the arrival of XXXL. The world’s largest large format tiles. Never have you ever. Honestly. Spoiler alert: we’re talking over 3m x 3m. That’s one tile that’ll take you from floor to ceiling. Our flabber has never been so gasted! If you can’t wait, then our massive 1200 x 2400 Bayona Glazed Polished Porcelain tiles will knock you out in the mean time!

-Black Ink. Glossy black or matt black with back grout. And we’ve got a sensational

lineup for you, including Marvel Pro Noir St Laurent Lappato Colour Body tiles (sexy black marble-look), Aria Black Gloss Glazed Ceramic Wall Tiles or sassy Black Glazed Porcelain Bevelled Subway Mosaic Sheets, Blend Art Dark Matt Glazed Porcelain tiles (that recycled, burnt, painted, sanded wood look), and for some black pattern, our elegant Pavimento Glazed Ceramic Décor tiles, and

Lantern Crystal Senses Black Glass Mosaic Sheets.

-Artisanal Luxe. Next year you’ll be hearing a great deal about the new Terracottas and Terrazzos. Artisanal traditions as old as time, with luxe modern energy. We’ve just unpacked our knockout new Terrazzo – Sant’Agostino’s NewDeco tiles, with a piece of Italy in every tile. A magnificent remastering of the art of trapping tiny glittering chips of granite into cement, followed by polishing the surfaces to a high gleam. Our exclusive, limited edition Terracottas are for new age farmhouse charm:  Sant’Agostino’s New Forlì Cream and matching décor tile Forlì Teano.

It’s a lot to absorb in one sitting. We know. A calming herbal tea should stop the blood from racing and the pulse from jumping. Take a few breaths. And then jump to it. Come on in to your nearest Italtile, and ask one of our design-certified sales advisers to take you through the 2020 trends as showcased on our floors, and help you to mood board your unique 2020

look. Remember, not everything is for everyone. You’ll find what fits you. And you’ll walk into 2020 head high and living beautifully.