Give your home the warmth of wood without the high maintenance of hardwood floors. Here’s why you need to try wood-look tiles.

We love the rustic charm of wood; it adds warmth and depth to any room. It also offers a neutral decor canvas.

While there is no questioning the beauty of wood, it comes with a set of challenges. It can be costly, particularly if you want to install wooden flooring throughout your home. Add to this the fact that it requires regular maintenance, including sanding, sealing and varnishing or oiling.

However, there is a sustainable alternative that offers you the look of wood without any of the challenges of hardwood flooring: wood-look tiles. Here are some of their advantages:

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Wood-look tiles are made of durable porcelain so they are ideal for high-traffic areas in your home. They look great on walls too! ‘The strong trend toward faux-wood tile is due to its contemporary, sophisticated look and durability,’ said JS Online. ‘Because it's water-resistant, you can use faux wood in parts of the home where moisture and water make real wood impractical, such as bathrooms, kitchens and foyers.’

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Easy to maintain
No varnishing, sanding or sealing – only years of enjoyment in any area of your home. They’re also UV and stain resistant making them easy to care for. Just give your tiles a sweep to get rid of loose dirt and dust, then wash with warm water and a micro-fibre mop.

Extensive range
Whether you are looking for a dark finish or whitewash, Italtile has the largest, most exclusive selection of wood-effect tiles in South Africa. From hyper-realistic reclaimed to polished grain effects, Italtile has a variety of colours to suit every interior style. In addition to this, wood-look tiles are available in dimensions that wood is typically not, making it more convenient to work with.. 


Reduced cost
Wood-look tiles are currently on promotion at Italtile. Prices start from just R299 per m2. View our wood-look tiles in-store or online.