In the greater scheme of things, choosing taps for your bathroom basin might seem like one of the less important, quick decisions. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. While the right choice can complete your basin as well as the look of your entire bathroom, the wrong one can quite easily ruin it. There are many different taps to choose from but don’t feel overwhelmed. Here’s our step-by-step guide to help you choose.

Step 1: Choose a quality, reputable brand

A basin tap is one of the most frequently used taps in any home. Choosing a quality tap is therefore essential. At Italtile, we only stock internationally acclaimed, craftsmanship taps, such as Tivoli. The Tivoli product range is not only beautiful in design and promises years of excellent service, but it also supports the Italtile LiveGreen ethos.

Choose a quality, reputable brand

Tivoli Armeno Tall Basin Mixer

Step 2: Choose a type

If you don’t have a specific basin in mind, the world is your oyster with regards to taps. If you like the traditional look of two separate taps for the hot and the cold water, you should look for a pillar style. Alternatively, mixers, such as the mono basin (monobloc) mixer or three-hole basin tap mixers (where the cold and hot water is mixed inside the tap) are the more modern choice. We simply adore the Tivoli Roma Elite Brushed Bronze Swivel Spout Basin Mixer, which is suited to basins with a single hole.

Choose a type

Step 3: Choose a colour

The colour and finish of your tap is very important. It not only has to complement the tone and style of your entire bathroom, but also has to fit in with the rest of the finishes you’ve chosen i.e. vanity door handles, bath and shower finishes. Black bathrooms are very on trend at the moment. The Tivoli Gadoni range of black taps will help you bring this trend into your bathroom.

Choose a colour

Step 4: Choose a style

Lastly, consider the style of the basin tap. Here’s where it really gets fun. Do you want something classical or more modern? Do you want it tall or curvy? Or are you looking for a tap that will make a statement? A tall basin mixer or wall-mounted mixer is ideal for a countertop basin. The Tivoli Ravenna Basin Mixer Cascade Spout will be beautiful in your guest bathroom. As its name suggests, water “cascades” from its unique spout, just like a fountain.