Sadly, so many animals in South Africa don’t have a home and rely on the kindness of animal shelters to provide them with food, water and a place to sleep. Donations and volunteers play such vital roles in helping animals in kennels.


Italtile’s Gauteng stores, in a joint venture with our signage team, Digi Sleven, donate all of our outdated and unusable fabric signage to Wet Nose Animal Rescue. The fabric is used to make pillows for dogs at the shelter.

The pillows are placed in the kennels. Each kennel is under a roof with a wall closing half of the sleeping area. Every dog gets a clean blanket and pillow every day. Currently, Wet Nose Animal Kennels are looking after 382 animals. They often rescue pregnant dogs and pillows come in handy for them to cuddle their puppies in and keep them warm.

Also included in our donations are wooden pallets that are used for beds and cots for the animals in need.


We are excited about our new partnership and happy help to the dogs in the Wet Nose Animal kennels. Wet Nose Animal Rescue Centre is an animal shelter that believes in “Right-to-life”. This means, no animals are put down.


We found a creative way to help dogs at the Wet Nose Animal kennels. Get in contact with them and find out how you can make a difference.