Our Essential Guide To Modern, Space-Conscious Shower Rooms


As interior design becomes more functional and space-conscious, a clever concept that is popping up everywhere is a modern take on the classic shower room. Due to water shortages and a general eco-friendly approach to design, stylish shower rooms have gained additional popularity. Here is our essential guide to getting the modern shower room right when space is restricted:


Use a frameless glass shower enclosure

When space is limited, a frameless glass shower enclosure is not only essential to prevent leaks but also to enhance the available space, and ensure a sleek, contemporary appearance. Our Crystal Tech Shower Screen is the ideal solution.


Make a statement

In a shower room, the shower should be the star of the space. Achieve this by making use of decorative tiles on the shower walls and floor. Choosing stylish and modern taps and showerheads will also shine the spotlight here. The Tivoli Marina Exposed Shower Column is a great example of this.


Be resourceful with storage

Storage space becomes critical in space-conscious shower rooms as they ensure a neat and tidy look. It is necessary to pursue storage solutions that utilise space efficiently. A recessed shower shelf is a great place to start, and smart vanities, such as the Valencia White and Hibernian Wall Hung Vanity, Basin and Mirror, is a brilliant way to take clever storage to the next level.



Make water-saving top of mind

A modern shower room should include water-saving technology. Choose products like the new generation LAUFEN water-saving WCs. LAUFEN products marked with the green 4.5/3L logo, including this Pro S White Wall Hung Toilet, can help you meet your water-saving needs.


Think: Functional style

With limited space, any décor added to the shower room should be both functional and stylish. Add extra warmth and flair to your shower room with the Jeeves Quadro P Polished Stainless Steel Heated Rail.