Shower power.

How to get it. Where to get it.


In which we chat about the best heads, handsets and enclosures for your shower space, remind ourselves about water wisdom being not just for now but forever, and drop massive hints about now being the best time to buy the showery things and live beautifully right now! Massive enough for you? No? Then read on to find out where it’s raining promo prices.


Nothing quite like a Spring shower to put the bloom back in the cheeks.

A shower is a shower is a shower. Until you find the perfect shower head and or shower enclosure for you. The search could have you milling around in circles, or coming home with The Dead Wrong Head or the Worst Possible Enclosure for your space and your needs… unless you get yourself some shower guidance. Which you’ll find at Italtile, thanks to each and every one of their sales advisers, who are all interior design-certified.

 How to choose the right shower for you.

The best guidance comes from the good people at Italtile, but it won’t hurt to swot up a bit before you go. First and foremost, find out what sort of water system is happening at your house. Depending upon your plumbing (as it were), you may be restricted by what’s in place - particularly if you have a grand old home. Get the plumber round – callout fee well spent - and find out if you have a high-pressure or low-pressure water system. Ask if you have a cold mains water supply.

 Fixed or handheld?

Will your shower be over the bath, in a wet room or its own cubicle… or outside surrounded by ferns and the tootle of turtledoves (a little dream of ours)? The ‘where’ will guide the ‘what’.


Use your head.

There are loads of options: electric showers, mixer showers, thermostatic showers and state-of-the-art digital showers (yes, folks, the Internet of Things being intuitive in your bathroom). But the option South Africans have to consider, front and centre, is the eco shower.


Be an Almar water warrior and slow the flow, yo.

Enough has been written about our water woes. Enough. So let’s just say that if you are not considering an eco shower, you need your ‘head’ examined (lol). But, perhaps just once more with feeling, let’s remind ourselves: eco showers limit the flow of water to an efficient level. They can cut the water used by up to 50 per cent when compared with ordinary mixer shower heads. So that helps both your water bill and SA’s desperate dams.

 Italtile is a proud supporter of water-wise behaviour, with Almar water-saving solutions.

Watch shower heads in action.

We kid you not. Many of the Italtile showrooms have custom-built wet rooms

for you to watch the extensive head collection in action.


Miles more shower power for miles less.

Italtile’s put miles more style on promo. For miles less. Up to 30 per cent less.

And there’s a whole whack of bathroom bling on sale. Taps, shower enclosures, handsets and heads. It’s literally raining promo prices right now.


Spring into action to take advantage of those promo prices.

And live beautifully.