With a rich history dating back thousands of years, tiles have always been part of mankind’s desire to create practical & beautiful living spaces. Now, with the introduction of high-tech manufacturing processes and materials, a new era has dawned. Colour, shape, size, and texture – if designers can dream it, the masters can make it.

Italtile has years of experience in the ceramic industry and Speaking of masters, none come more renowned in the world of tiles than Italian tile industry writer and consultant, Graziano Sezzi, who, Italtile arranged as the special guest speaker at a series of design lectures Italtile’s Commercial Division recently presented in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg. With over 200 specialists, naming Architects and Interior designers across South Africa that attended this well-formed event, Italtile boasts with bringing excellence from Italy to share with South Africa

Entitled ‘Ceramic Tiles of Italy: A sustainable process, a sustainable material’, Mr Sezzi shined the spotlight on the present, but especially future of the Italian tile industry. Tiles are an important, sustainable element in modern design worldwide – evolving beyond a functional product to something aesthetic that can perform anything contemporary living demands.

Mr Sezzi spoke with a fluid authority on the subject that one would expect from someone with almost 40 years of experience in the Italian ceramic tile industry, and countless high-profile talks at international events under his belt – but don’t just take our word for it.

The South African Institute of the Interior Design Professions (IID) assessed the presentation as IID CPD and SACAP CPD activities respectively. Over 200 architects, interior designers and project professionals from across South Africa attend the Italtile events. So in addition to the wealth of knowledge and insights gained, those who attended were also rewarded with 1 CPD credit and 0.3 SACAP Category One CPD credits.

So what were the major outcomes? As far as Mr Sezzi and Italtile are concerned, Italian tiles are here to stay.

The versatility in size, application, material reproduction and properties of tiles can’t be matched by any material available in interior design today. Although they’re on average higher priced than tile imports from other major international producers (many competitors opt for Chinese alternatives), the adage ‘you get what you pay for’ certainly rings true here. Italtile’s commitment to continue bringing the innovation and class of Italian tiles to the South African market is a step in the right direction. Italy are the leaders in tile production technology, process innovation, product design, plus the quality and product range are unbeatable.

And the next big trends in tiles? More colours, patterns and textures, natural tones, and lifelike stone, wood, steel, cement & leather finishes – with Italtile first to market of course.

The Italian tile industry is evolving and in tip-top shape – so make them the highlight of your next beautiful design with Italtile guiding the trends!


           Graziano Sezzi, Sergio Galli, Elena Romani
           This picture was taken at the event hosted in Johannesburg.


           Italtile Commercial Team with: Graziano Sezzi, Sergio Galli, Elena Romani
           This picture was taken at the event hosted in Johannesburg.