Your real-life dream kitchen

Remember Meryl Streep in “It’s Complicated”? She’s standing at her kitchen window. And it’s all morning light and lavender and fresh greens and baskets of oranges and natural textures and gently worn whites and coffee brewing and a great collection of wooden spoons all slightly worn from years of stirring, and everywhere that indefinable fragrance that can only be called ‘possibility of love’. We wanted to be her and we wanted her kitchen. Why?


In a word, it’s ambience. OK, so it’s a movie, not real life, but those wildly talented art directors carefully curated a bunch of items designed to flood our hearts with those feelings we all love to love. Those few seconds of kitchen calm before the hordes descend and fling cereal and milk everywhere. The coolth of white marble underneath pillows of dough. The crackle and spit of the coffee machine as you wait for your morning fix. The comfortingly savoury aromas of chicken roasting.


We could go on and on waxing all poetic about that kitchen hygge we dig so much. Suffice it to say that no matter what the scale of your kitchen, it’s the most popular gathering place and watering hole in the house. Your headquarters, Sergeant-Major Mom. Where heartaches get hugged away, where the troops do homework, where tea and wine are administered in celebration or in medication. And secrets and all sorts of naughty plans are hatched. (Oh, if those walls had ears, or Italtile could offer wall tiles with listening devices. LOL.)


Love is at work in our kitchens. And that makes them sacred places, worthy of

significant investment when an upgrade is on the cards. Whether you’re envisaging a fancy schmancy floor-to-ceiling renewal, or just dipping a toe in the kitchen refreshment pond with a new splashback, put your Meryl Streep on, and do it. Because, with Italtile, it’s not complicated.


Step one. Visualize your dream kitchen

Italtile’s very own, unique Visualizer is up and running on the website. Think of it as your very own grownup Kitchen Sim City. Play with shapes, dimensions, pull products off the website and place them in your designs. Then contact us  to share your thoughts with our experts.


2019’s top kitchen trends for your reno mood board.

Designers are getting all hot and sweaty about what they call ‘the anti-kitchen’. A space that is more living area than cooking area, that creates a seamless flow into the rest of the house. Duh, which is only what we’ve always thought it was. Anyhoo…

The pantry/larder:

A bespoke walk-in storage space, complete with temperature control. Oooh.

The kitchen island

The social hub of the kitchen without a doubt. Not only a great place for food prep, washing up and perching with a glass of, but also a fiendishly clever space for extra storage. Think charger deck for all the family devices. Undercover James Bond-type wine chiller. Swing-out draws for bins. The secret spice rack: just imagine how smug your smile will be when, with a single finger tap, you release its aromatic interior as it moves on runners as silent as owl’s wings. Then, for the pared-down compact kitchen there’s the peninsula: the island attached to the wall.

The banquette

Real sit-and-stay comfort, where two walls meet, or else a little bay window feature. If you’re canny, the banquette is also yet another way to create hidden storage areas.

Get your greens

Designers are predicting a green revolution in the key kitchen hue: from pastel pistachio right through to deep forest and rich blue-green teals. Browse Italtile’s eye-opening range of Mosaic tiles, subway tiles and patchwork tiles before you hop on the blue-green colour trend. Bear in mind it takes guts and kitchen smarts to commit to a bold colour scheme; but take heart, before you start to feel faint, chat to our design-certified sales advisers.

Navy ahoy

The most sophisticated blue of them all, navy is always in fashion, whether you choose to use it on cabinetry or a feature wall. It’s modern and classic at the same time.

Black is in

Whether gleaming liquorice-black or textural matte, black is on the up and up in kitchens as the key colour rather than the accent. Complementary cues are coffee browns, greige tones, warm biscuit beiges and natural wood-look surfaces. Italtile’s got your ‘black’ (hahaha) with gorgeously elegant black Smeg and Franke sinks and incredible Tivoli sink mixers. Of course, there’s nothing sexier than a ‘blackspash’ with  black subway tiles, black and white patchwork or black mosaics.

The multifunctional trough sink

Kitchen entertaining makes the trough sink a popular choice. Think ice-filled champagne bath! Check out our Cotto White Ceramic Drop In Sink.

The single solid slab backsplash

Also called the panel backsplash. Streamlined, sophisticated, clean and smooth. Not one grout line in sight. One solid slab also opens up your space to make it appear bigger. Bet you’re thinking, oooh marble slab. Trés glam. But may we suggest a more low maintenance option that looks just as gorgeous, lasts even longer, and cleans like a dream.

Feature taps

For those with a keen eye for gadgetry, taps are no longer purely functional. From trad to modern and back to classical, we look forward to walking you through our luxe collection of sink mixers.

Broken plan living is the new open plan

Generally broken plan is where the space is physically divided, or semi-divided by, for example; changes to floor levels or materials, glass partitions, partial walls, shelving, bookcases, storage units or furniture. The idea is that with subtle divisions you can keep the sense of space that you get with an open plan layout, but add a sense of drama.


Start your journey to a life more carefully and mindfully lived by taking a critical look at how you redesign your kitchen. Be more waste-conscious and energy-conscious. Interrogate the green claims of the products you buy, from cleaning materials to cabinetry. Italtile’s #livebeautifully ethos encompasses a #livegreen lifestyle. More about our green journey here:

The smart kitchen

IoT. The Internet of Things. A fancy phrase for smart, intuitive paraphernalia. Now your kitchen can be more than the heart of the home; it can be the nerve centre too. We can now remotely monitor and control our kitchen devices from our mobiles, from sensors that know when the  stove has been left on, to fridges that helps us with the grocery list, to smart forks that remind us to slow down and savour each chew.

Make more of your floor

This should be a separate blog subject, so we’ll have to cram our thoughts into a small space here. 2019 heralds the focus on marble, rustic pre-loved timbers, sustainable woods and stone. Of course, kitchens are high traffic areas and high spill areas, so our advice is simple: go low-maintenance luxe (because that’s our forte).  We stock literally thousands of the most breath-taking local and imported examples – always in stock - that give you whatever trending look you love, along with matching décor tiles and mosaics.


Be more Meryl Streep in 2019. Bring your dream kitchen to life. Italtile’s there to help you every step of the way. And when it’s all over, why not share your before and after pics with us.


May you spend many hours in the heart of your home.

Love, laugh and live beautifully.