Italtile online.  Shop any way you want to.

Just wait a jimjam minute. Would you sport a onesie at the supermarket? Or pop into the bottle store in your negligé?  Yes? No? Maybe? Well, we’re ready and waiting to welcome you with open arms in your jarms. At


Come as you are. Browse for as long as you want to. Whenever you want to. Whether you’re a night owl shopper or an early bird browser, ’s doors are always open for you, wherever you are. (And whatever you’re wearing!) Online shopping with Italtile is all about convenience, ease, security, support, thousands of beautiful items and endless ideas.


Online design advice.

So, you’ve clicked through. You’ve been doing a bit of browsing. But you need some help. No problem. Our design teamsters are just on the other side of your screen to answer your queries. They’re interior design-certified through the renowned Chapters Academy, and full of bright ideas to help you put your look together.


Play before you pay in our ‘changing rooms’.

No matter how good your imagination, it’s almost impossible to get a real feel for what your dream products will look like off the rack and in your space. So, we have created the Visualiser. Draw up your room shape using our technical drawings and choose pieces from the sample gallery. Once your décor dream is put together, you can “push” it directly to the checkout. The system calculates the quote and populates your cart for you.


Try before you buy.

Italtile’s fabulously useful sample service has always encouraged you to take a few samples home to try the look before you splash out and buy the look. Did you know you can do the same thing online? We’ll deliver your samples, too.


Want it? We’ve got it.

If it’s not on the floor, it’s in one of our many warehouses around the country. So pick and choose, and we’ll deliver to your door.


Safety, security, collection.

We’re reliably informed that online shopping is on the up and up in Mzansi fo sho. In fact, according to fin24, more than 50% of the country’s online adults have shopped online in the past 12 months. And that’s because it’s a) convenient, b) easy, and c) more cost-efficient. We’d like to add our own ‘d)’ to the list: safe, secure and trustworthy. On you can create your own quote online, and there are several easy ways to make your payment.


Once your transaction is done, we’ll deliver to our door. Or - if you don’t mind getting out of your jimjams and into some clothes - you can collect your order from your nearest Italtile.


Remember, there’s a contact number on the website. Call us for any info you need at any step along the way. There are no call centres routed through Kasakhstan via Timbuktu. It’s just us. Your ‘Live Beautifully’ teamsters. Ready, willing and able.


So, join the e-commerce revolution, comrades. Shop online at and

live e-beautifully!


Ciao for now.