Introducing New Cotto

Cotto is a global brand with international thinking and remains one of the leading examples in the sanitaryware industry on how to respond to the practical ways of life and culture by crafting products that are sustainable, suitable to purpose and sensitive to price.

These ambiguous basins have super slim edges that simply melt into their surroundings, but also are an elegant feature in any bathroom. The new teaser range of basins released hail from the Thantara and Sensations ranges, while the Simply Modish toilet set matches the slim look of a modern bathroom Cotto is clearly after here.

The Sensation range features a variety of geometric shapes known to the bathroom. What’s new is the slim edges that define the bathroom space into its distinctive areas of personal hygiene.

Each basin has a brilliant white finish with an integrated central waste. Part of this seamless look means no overflows are found in these countertop basins.


The Simply Modish toilet is the epitome of modern luxury with its cubic shape, soft close seat and rimless flush. The rimless flush means a more hygienic wash down with fewer places for bacterial growth. The toilet seat and cistern lid as also super slim, having only mere lines noticeable for the onlooker. Even the sustainability of the toilet is leading in its industry with eco-friendly flush options of 3 or 4,5 litres.


The early teaser release of these new Cotto products will be followed by a fuller range.
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Finish: Gloss

Colour: White

Material: Ceramic

Countertop basins

Close couple toilet

Origin: Thailand

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