Maximizing the Mini

Bigger is certainly not always better. This is the case with the new Micro mosaic range from Global Stone. While most trends are to make things bigger, some of us are thinking smaller, and for good reason.

Each piece contains hundreds of mini circles that make up the larger sheets of 310 x 312 mm. The super benefit of this mosaic is flexible for wrapping around curved surfaces such as swimming pools, coloumns and steps. The mosaic provides added grip for the shower floor or other wet areas.

The range is made with finely crushed glass that is moulded and then fired. The result is a full colour bodied mosaic. Why not pamper yourself just by having these installed as the micro beads that massage your feet with their curved surface. The range is considered eco-friendly as each tile is made from recycled glass materials and does not remove from the environment.

The circular range comes in six fashionable colours that include the colder shades of Teal, Shadow Blue, Periwinkle, Tan, Nimbus and Venum. The feature mosaic of the lot would have to be Venum which packs a surprising punch with its mixed scale-type facade.

The Micro range is also available in the trendy hexagonal shape in the classical black and white colours. Creative combinations of these colours make these mosaics versatile.

The sheet contains inserts of gloss tiles among the matt surface, making for a sensational surprize. All of these mosaics are perfect for any wall and are suitable for low to medium foot traffic areas such as the shower or bathroom floor.

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