The Landstone has been rectified

We welcome into the Italtile extended family a new relative – Landstone Nuovo. Derived from the original Landstone, produced by Gryphon, Landstone Nuovo steps up the level of class with this complimentary rectified porcelain tile.

Now is a whole range of 6 colours from the dark grey Night, to the lightest of greys, here named White. In the median, we find Ivory, Taupe, Grey and Smoke, all with a hint of warmth that one would expect from a natural stone look tile.

The striking pattern of the tile is visibly accurate of mother nature’s time spent in crafting a natural stone-look tile like this. The subtle waves create visual interest and serves as a reference to nature’s geological passage over many years.

The new aspect, or Nuovo, points to the fact that the tile is now rectified, elevating its level of class to new heights. What does this mean: The edges of each tile are precisely cut at a 90-degree angle.

The main objective in purchasing a rectified product would be for minimal grout joints and this in turn creates a nearly seamless look.

The 595 x 595 mm glazed porcelain tile with a silky matt finish is suitable for areas of moderate foot traffic: bathrooms, bedrooms, living areas, kitchens and covered patios.

And to add to it all, the added bonus of having a local tile that is now rectified allows those buyers with a conscious for the environment and local industry to satisfy their philanthropic desires.


Size: 595 x 595 mm

Finish: Matt, Rectified

Look: Stone

Colours: White, Ivory, Taupe, Grey, Smoke, Night

Material: Glazed Porcelain

Application: Wall and Floor

Origin: Gryphon – South Africa

Grouting: From 2 mm

PEI: 3