The towel rail that’s ready to turn your bathroom into an artroom.

Before we start, a quick message to those who think a towel rail is just a convenient place to chuck a wet towel over, and any old rail will do: read no further. Good chat.

 Oh. You’re still here? Because you don’t? Or because you saw the word WIN in the headline? Either way, be still your beating heart… because the Jeeves Alto Rail is here. Three words to describe it? Fab. U. Lous.


Sometimes you have to travel right around the planet and land up right here in your own back yard to find arguably the world’s most delicious, deluxe bathroom finishings. And Proudly South African Jeeves - headed up by the dynamic and visionary Mark Bennett - designs and manufactures exactly that: heated towel rails that whisper luxury.

Give Alto a warm welcome.

Right, so now you know that the Alto is a striking new design from Jeeves, South Africa’s most trusted makers of heated towel rails. But what you don’t know is the back story.

Alto is not just beautifully functional, it is also wonderfully energy efficient: consuming the equivalent of a single light bulb! So warm, dry, fluffy towels are now a guilt-free pleasure.


The eye-catching Alto is a floor-mounted unit, but what makes it unique is that it can also be attached to shower glass or a wall for an even more contemporary, free-floating look.

Choose the mirror shine finish for that unapologetically luxe look, go fabulously feminine with antique rose gold, make a bold and muscular statement with matte black and matte brushed stainless steel, or go for funky yellow golf or white.


The history of the heated towel rail.

Little known fact.  The heated towel rail has its origins in the invention of the "radiator"…. which, according to our sources, was invented in Saint Petersburg, Russia around 1855. Fit for royalty, really. And dare we say, a revolutionary idea.

A radiator would be placed in a room in order to provide more heat in that room. 
As bathrooms were heated in this fashion, towels or articles of clothing were placed on the radiator to dry: nothing makes a towel mouldier and smellier than a night out on the washing line in a Russian blizzard!  Cut to the twentieth century and the evolution of the radiator into the purpose-built cast iron water heated towel warmer in the 1920s, commonly referred to as a "bath radiator."

Pop in to an Italtile showroom near you and ask to see the Jeeves Alto Rail. Gaze at it. Gloat over it. Run your fingers over it. Fantasize about it in your bathroom. Chant ‘Live Beautifully’ out loud. And hold thumbs!

 Ciao for now!

 P.S. You’ll find more info about the Jeeves Alto Rail HERE

Available colours: Matt Brushed Stainless Steel, Matt Black, Antique Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, White

Supplier: Jeeves

Installation: Glass or Wall

Colours: Matt Brushed Stainless Steel, Matt Black, Antique Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, White

Energy Efficient: consumption equivalent to a single light bulb

Origin: South Africa from locally sourced Material: Grade 304 stainless steel

Dimensions: 1800 x 400mm

25 Year Guarantee