The world of interior design has become absolutely exquisite over the past couple of years. We’ve seen unimaginable trends that have revolutionised homes all over the world. Here at Italtile, we’re passionate about beautiful homes, which is why we only supply beautiful products to our customers.

Here are 3 of our favourite trends for the year:

Eco-friendly tiles

Tiles are not just a practical surface in homes anymore but rather a product used to enhance, feature in and shape an interior or exterior area.

To keep up with all the universal tile trends, we’ve gained a lot of inspiration from European trends - one we LOVE is porcelain tiles. In some cases, you can apply the tile on top of old surfaces, reducing effort and environmental waste. Porcelain tiles can be made into larger sizes and in various textures. These amazing tiles are seen on floors and walls all around the world. In future, we can also expect to see porcelain tiles used for cladding kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

Tiles that mimic natural materials

Technology has given manufacturers the ability to make tiles in all types of shapes, colours, designs and textures, our favourites being fabric-look tiles, stone-look tiles, wood-look tiles and subway tiles - so, you can design the look you want with the easy-clean benefits of tiles!

With the increasing sophistication of manufacturing technology, you can find tiles with almost any natural look and texture. But, that’s not all. The technology also produces tiles with various metallic and glazed finishes, making the modern, shiny, oversized marble-looking tiles we all love to see in homes.

Eco-friendly bathrooms

For many, in the past, luxurious bathrooms have been popular; however, in South Africa, we’re taking a shift towards smaller bathrooms - with the primary focus being on smaller bathtubs, suitably sized cabinets, floating shelves and larger mirrors - all with the purpose of enhancing smaller bathrooms. While a small bathroom can still be a place of peace and serenity, optimising space and water usage has become the key focus in the design, especially due to the water concern in the Cape.

Italtile has brought in a new exclusive range of shower heads that help conserve water with the use of a flow restrictor. We’ll keep you updated on all our latest eco-friendly products!

We are so excited to see all the amazing designs that are going to be incorporated into homes all over the country this year. If you’d like to transform your home, view amazing products on our website today!


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