Frankly, Franke Speaking… only complement the range, but increase the Franke basket size in- store. Frankly speaking, so should I say speaking of Franke, with the Swiss manufacturing principles, and a 25-year warranty, there really is no quality comparison.

Both new offerings fall into the category of soft edge kitchen style that follows a good median for design levels between Kubus and the introductory level sinks. This type of design suits most kitchen styles and appliances. The new sinks should be available as of end January.

The Stella undermount sink allows maximum working space on the kitchen counter and seamlessly forms part of the surface. This bowl measures in at a fair 400 mm in length, 400 mm wide and has a depth of 190mm. The square bowl of standard depth is manufactured in Italy. This bowl can be used alongside other such bowls or standalone as a prep bowl and does not have a draining board. The Stella sink package includes an overflow, off-set 90 mm basket strainer waste fitting and installation template. Recommended installation for this undermount sink includes cutting of the provided template prior to installation and the basin should be mounted onto a solid surface such as granite, stone or treated wood.

The Quinline is an inset, double bowl serves most residential applications well. This sink measures 970 mm in length, 500 mm wide and 139 mm deep. The double bowl does not have a draining board or overflow. This unit also features a central rinsing sink/tidy with plastic colander strainer in the centre. The bowl is removable for ease of use and hygiene.

The Austenitic Stainless Steel composition ensures that the product performs well in high corrosion coastal areas. Each bowl has a generous integrated waste offset toward the centre of the sink that is easily manoeuvred open and closed and catches all necessary large particles. The inset lip is designed by the Swiss experts for minimal spilling and splashing.

The Quinline is manufactured in South Africa using Monoblock technology to minimise welding, reducing any weak points in the design of the sink.

Material: Stainless Steel

Colour: Brushed Stainless steel

Sink types: Single, triple

Warranty 25 years