The apartment in Edge of the Sea in Umhlanga is now as beautiful as the view.

Our Umhlanga branch was recently tasked with recommending and supplying top quality products for this stunning apartment. What the client really wanted was to bring light into the space. There is no task, great or small, that Neeta Singh won’t take on. With 20 years of experience, Neeta thoroughly enjoys getting involved in projects. She showed the homeowner what it means to be a Master at your craft.

Guided by Interior Designer, Wendy Watson of Architech, who has been working with Italtile for 15 years, they got to work. What our client really values is what clients want across the board. Knowledge of our product, a professional who comes to the site of your home, simple processes, collaboration between the builders and Italtile and lastly, they value timely delivery of a beautiful product.

This is what our client experienced and now their home is much lighter, cleaner, it flows better and there is space to live more openly. Even if you’re not looking at the sea, you’ll always have a breathtaking view.