Colourfication. The art of cheering up.

Yes, it’s been cold enough to freeze a White Walker’s whatsits off. Yes, it’s a drab and grey world out there. Yes to all that. But that doesn’t mean we’re going to forgive you for feeling drab and grey. Or for listening to ‘those’ people who caution you to ‘stay safe out there’. We say it’s time to cheer up already. And the best way we know is what we call ‘colourfication’.

Put on some patchwork. Go peppy with pattern. Add dimension. Bold strokes. Bright’s. And for the love of all that’s colourful, step away from the safe greige on greige.

Colour 101.

For a start, stop worrying about colour trends. Trends come and go. What defines your home - or your office, for that matter - is your personality. And that’s what’s going to colour your habitat. The trick is to blend the colours you like, or that speak to you, into a pleasing combination. That way you create a unique and inviting space that is an inspiration to others.

Colours, and to some extent, shapes, affect mood. Sooooo, let’s put the brakes on right now by cautioning you to limit the number of key colour choices in one room to no more than three or four. Here’s a rough guide: Reds raise energy levels and stir up excitement. Great to draw people together for lively evenings in the dining room. Yellows create happiness and joy. Nice and energizing in the kitchen. (But don’t over-egg it… too much yellow can make babies cry, apparently!)

Blues create an elegant and soothing calm by bringing down the blood pressure. Think bedroom or lounge. Greens are considered the most restful colour for the eye. Green tones cool, calm, refresh and relax the troubled, office-weary soul. Purples are rich, luxurious and dramatic when dark, and uplifting and calming when light (lavenders).

Oranges are energetic and exuberant, wonderful for creative fizz. Neutrals, whites, blacks (and greige!), are BFFs when it comes to accents and bases, creating a canvas… but need pops for contrast.

Right, so here’s the Italtile inspiration station.


Mirror, glass, natural stone, hexagonal, sparkly, patterned. You name it we have it.

3D wall tiles 

Adding dimension’s as good as adding colour. Now you just have to pick your faves from an incredible choice: 3-D Reclaimed Wood Cladding; 3-D Space Neve Satin Glazed Ceramic Tiles; the ripple effect of Vendome Crema Decor Tiles… and loads more dimensional wall tiles you’ll want to run your fingers over. P.S. This is how you create The Most Divine Feature Wall.



Nothing says European flair quite like a patterned floor. Wall-to-wall or just an intriguing focus area. Bang on trend, too.

Back splashes

For starters, how about mint glazed porcelain? Or turquoise glass? (we know, right? *gasp*). Or quirky khaki, or cherry red, or charcoal, or gun metal, or luscious lime, or pretty mother-of-pearl, or, or, or…

Relax in your slacks. Help is at hand.

Adding colour, pattern or 3D elements, even in teeny-tiny touches, can be intimidating. So intimidating, in fact, that you could be forgiven for scuttling back under your nice, neutral oatmeal. Relax in your slacks. We’re not saying just leap in to the deep end of the colour pool from the high diving board. You’re not alone.

There are some very understanding and clever people out there who are ready to take your hand and walk you through the colourfication process to help you make informed choices. They’re the Italtile Sales Advisors, interior design certified.

Also, because Italtile believes in trying before buying, you get to take samples home to play with.

So go on.

Take a twirl on the colour wheel of life.

And live beautifully.