If you are lucky enough to have stepped foot in some of the historic buildings in Vienna, you would know that this tile is a reflection of the 180-year old houses that still carry these tiles in the grand entrance halls. The tiles, mostly in shades of blue, feature the rustic curves of vintage wrought iron, along with floral and other geometrical influences.


You are now guaranteed the chance to bring this patterned masterpiece into your home with Centro Vienna – no need to travel to Austria!


Spanish tile masters obviously had a soft spot for the jewelled blue tones of the trend. This flowing geometric pattern is style enough for almost any space in the home, from the bathroom, to bedroom, kitchen or living area. Imagine the calming, yet characteristic flavour it will bring to a covered patio area.

This glazed tile of 200 x 200 mm has a thickness of 9 mm, with a matt finish, and is suitable for wall or light floor application. When using Centro Viena, you will require little other room dressing as the tile boasts plenty of visual character all on its own.

Size: 200 x 200 mm

Finish: Matt

Colours: Patterned blue hues

Material: Glazed Ceramic

Application: Wall Tile, Low foot traffic

Origin: Spanish, Mainzu